vvsmile united “Zhimeiyun medical” national layout of 51 cities, jointly build the Internet Dental Hospital


vvsmile joint Zhimei Yun Medicine National Layout 51 City to jointly build Internet Oral Hospital

May 8 learned from the United States of America’s stealth brace DTC brand enterprise “vvsmile” today announced a strategic partnership with Zhimei Yun Medical in the national layout of 51 cities to jointly build the Internet oral hospital vvsmile behind the support is from 8 shareholders of the dental consortium investment agency this round of heavy investment vsmile is mainly in the field of Internet oral medicine long-term investment.

Attending the strategic signing conference was Mr. Sun Chaohui, Chairman of the Forward Dental Group, Dr. Marwan Zakariya, Chairman of Zhimei Yun Medical Co., Ltd. Dr. Vvsmile Company Chairman Dr. Champion, Chairman of the Fourth Military Medical University Orthodontic Professor Mr. Luo Ming, Mr. Mr. Mr. Ruitai Oral General Manager Mr. Mr. Liang Xiaoqiang, General Manager of Ruiqin Oral Company, Ms. Alice, General Manager of Shanghai haoshan Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

At the same time vvsmile CEO Ms. Zheng Xin said vvsmile is particularly concerned about the health of enterprise development for the company’s healthy growth and the benign development of the domestic market The company put forward the highest requirements “never because of abundant funds and blind expansion”, “the main cost-effective and reduce the quality of products and services.

At present, the overall domestic orthodontic market about 20 billion orthodontic incremental market about 200 billion This blue sea market also certainly attracted the attention of capital, which is not short of spoiler vvsmile is mainly aimed at the invisible orthodontic digital oral field through the AI Internet online intelligent platform service customers while the joint Zhimei Yun Medicine in the national layout line cooperative oral clinic to jointly build the Internet oral hospital In the country has 8 dental processing plants and its dozens of dental hospitals and outpatients of the forward dental group has also been with vvsmile in-depth cooperation and efforts to support vvsmile to the direction of the Internet oral hospital, and with the 4th Military Medical University orthodontic experts jointly build an international remote consultation center through 5G telemedicine technology to achieve cross-border cooperation Forward Dental Group in the country has thousands of business personnel and thousands of cooperative dental clinics in the country More and more dental clinics are joining in to provide higher quality oral care to more customers.

vvsmile’s DTC pattern correction main process includes the following steps Consulting Professional Consulting Team online preliminary assessment of dental and oral conditions Take a model film under the guidance of oral consultants online self-help or go to the offline cooperative clinic for information collection Design from the United States of America digital smile design expert team using professional software intelligent calculation dynamic simulation prediction of each stage of dental correction displacement data and correction after completion of the effect to provide corrective 3D motion picture preview program domestic remote production By the Sino-US joint venture’s own factory 3D printing equipment production and production of dental molds and invisible orthotics Wear oral doctor online guidance wearors or the first time to the offline collaborative clinic for related operations and wear courier each session of the orthosis will be expressed to home re-diagnosis customer service full online follow-up guidance clinical regular follow-up specific can add WeChat vsmilev02 consultation.

Pricing strategy vvsmile ordinary case 12800 yuan complex case 19800 yuan a quote covering all costs customers do not have to pay any other fees No other clinic service fee treatment fees and other famous costs For some cases that must be treated by a professional orthodontic doctor Patients can be treated by Zhimeiyun Medical’s offline physical oral clinic This part of the complex cases is professional services by offline medical institutions.

vvsmile Investment Agency Team said the oral medicine market has broad prospects for the development of vvsmile from the U.S. digital smile design team and the U.S.-China joint venture’s own supply chain system Through AI Internet medical approach to open up the upstream and downstream closed loop In a specific scenario to transform traditional medical services into consumer-grade products With huge market value Next, will focus on integrating offline oral hospital resources to jointly build vvsmile online Internet oral hospital.