Venus tea chain Investment Group


In recent years, under the influence of the Internet, the structure of China’s consumer market has undergone great changes, more and more B2C stations appear, online consumption has gradually replaced offline consumption and caused a great impact on traditional offline enterprises. Traditional tea industry is no exception. In order to solve the difficult problem of the development of tea industry, we must introduce Internet thinking. Tea industry faces major opportunities, block chain technology will bring great changes to the tea industry dawn.

 The purpose of tea chain is to provide identification for high-end and high-quality tea in China, and to construct tea industry mall by using block chain technology. To provide users with a more effective and convenient way to liquidate tea assets and trade high-end quality tea channels. Tea chain also has tea brand incubation function, which will provide lasting force and vitality for the development of high-end and high-quality tea in China on the world stage. Through the characteristics of block chain technology, tea chain solves these problems in tea industry. The tea chain is a vertical consumer industry block chain, and the upper chain enterprises provide goods as asset packages, using the underlying core technology of the block chain-sharing accounting mode, distributed storage management, non-tampering and so on Attribute, the information of all goods will be uploaded to the chain, all information will be timely and transparent, will not produce false information and quality of goods. Solve industry pain point problem.

As a new block chain entity application industry, the tea chain vertically maps the huge tea industry. The application of block chain technology to the digital reform of tea industry, this concept received the favor of overseas capital.

 Recently, the United States baiKPCB venture capital companies, Accel Partners,AllianceBernstein three major international investment companies funds, jointly announced to participate in the construction of tea chain. The addition of overseas capital makes the development of tea chain to a higher level.