V, the founder of Ethernet, has predicted that two years’ cross link technology is coming out.

Recently, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethernet Fang, told Fintech media.The common application of different block chains will emerge. Since the block chain is an open system, all of which are encryptedauthentication, it is very easy to develop an application that allows the events that occur on a block chain to change the other block chain. Many ways can achieve this effect, such as hash lock and relay. Over the past few years, many experiments have been done to cross link encryption currency transactions. I think this technology can also be applied to other fields. At present, the biggest challenge is still a few of the actual application and use of the block chain. Now, there is no time to start a cross chain application except in a few fields. But in my opinion, in one or two years, we will see that this area will increase significantly.

Cross chain technology can be understood as a bridge connecting blocks of each area. Its main application is to realize the atomic transaction, asset conversion, interworking in the block chain, or the problem of Oracle. The block chain technology complex, each faction, with each other to exchange value and data. Although many block chain advocates claim that the block chain is the next generation of Internet, because each chain is an independent, vertical closed system, the current “Internet” is made up of a number of separate block chain “isolated islands”, or the current block chain is more like an intranet.

For example, bitcoin and Ethernet is a trust mechanism based on the whole network consensus and brute force solution. This verification is done by synchronizing the whole network block, and is verified by each node. However, the block chains that use the decentralized accounting technology are also isolated from each other. What is more difficult to accept is that the value exchange between the blocks claimed to be centralization relies mainly on the centralization of the exchange, and the value of the chain is not reasonably assessed.

In order to end the current situation of the public chain Island, the SMAC project team pioneered the development of “chain routing”. The great significance of chain routing is to get through every sub chain and build trust bridge between chain and chain.

SMAC is a global block chain project, all of the public chains are not open to cross chain communications, cross chain trading demand, after the end of the US road show, the SMAC project has been given a large number of block chain insiders and attention, currently in the top ten of the world’s high quality block chain project in the world in 2018. Can be said to be all the anticipation.

In the next era of block chain 3.0, cross link technology will accelerate the application of block chain. From a small crowd to a wide range of applications, such as the emergence of a distributed cross link chat tool, there is no need to worry about the issue of privacy being leaked. More will not worry about the chat information deleted after the deleted, such distributed cross chain communication applications, even like Wechat, Facebook occupies a large market space traditional social giant, I am afraid to shake the position. Because the essence of block chain technology is not to be tampered with. But the premise of these DAPP needs a mature and complete cross chain technology, SMAC is to fill the gap, the future cross chain technology in the world will have trillions of market space.