USD Ten Million of Financing obtained by the International Digital Assets Transaction Platform – Bit-Z

Recently, the global digital currency transaction platform – Bit-Z has obtained more than USD ten million of financing from three international investment institutions i.e. Hwazing Capital Limited, Wa Sung Investment limited, and Plum Angel Investment Co.Ltd.

The website shows that Bit-z was launched in 2016, of which main business is to provide professional digital assets transaction (Crypto to Crypto transaction) service to global users. Unlike the transaction platform websites widely recognized by domestic users, Bit-Z only supports the circulation and transaction between tokens, namely, it is a transaction way by use of one blockchain asset to exchange another blockchain asset, without transfer and settlement of any legal currency involved therein.

The information obtained from the third website shows that the overseas users of the platform accounts for more than 80%, which mainly concentrated in USA, UK, France, Spain, etc., and the users from Asia regions such as Japan and South Korea also increase continually.

On logical analysis of products, Bit-Z platform only supports Crypto to Crypto transaction which increases the participation threshold for know-little users, however, in the long run, the circulation between tokens mitigates the risks caused by the policy fluctuation, so the security and privacy is much safer. Idealistically, when the circulation degree of credit assets becomes higher and higher, the people in consensus will become more and more, the Crypto to Crypto transaction may gradually replace the transaction relationship between legal currency and token, and result in a close relationship between the blockchain and transaction platform, and the whole commercial mode will be more imaginative.

Currently, Bit-Z platform has opened 4 transaction markets: BTC market, DKKT market, ETH market and USDT market. The Coinmarketcap data shows that: there are more than 60 online transaction tokens, and 70+ Crypto to Crypto transaction pairs in Bit-Z currently. Except for BTC and ETH mainstream transaction zones, the platform strongly promotes the DKK Token (DKKT) which is a token based on stable value currency – Danish krone (DKK), with good function of value maintenance, meanwhile, as the transaction zone, it is much easier for users to participate in the digital assets transaction.

The other difference is token-launching mechanism, which is the voting mechanism used by Bit-Z, and it is the users that to decide the token for each launched transaction. The platform implements integrated risks control and management thoroughly in multi-dimensional aspects of block chain project team, history, products, strategies, and potential, etc., so as to know the market activity of the tokens more accurately. The token-launch mechanism from C end can help Bit-Z to obtain more C-end consensuses at low cost so as to gather high-quality digital assets.

Technically, the multi-cluster framework is used in Bit-Z platform, the high-speed memory single engine is used in the aspect of matching, and the distributed wallet and multi-signature are used in the aspect of wallet, which is a distribution-based micro service framework. The platform has a very high security and stability.

According to the data on Coinmarketcap on 28th, it shows that the daily turnover on Bit-Z platform can reach more than 20,000 BTCs, and the 24h transaction amount is over USD 230,222,646. From the view of growth trend, the total market of digital currency increased 400% in 2017, and the Market Cap transaction amount on 28th was: USD 588,170,554,600.

From the view of volume, one insider ever declared publicly that one insider ever declared publicly that the market value of blockchain has been more than USD 300 billion (data on the table ) in 2017, 70 times increased in 3 years, and it is expected that the market value of blockchain will be more than 10 trillion after 2~3 years, exceeding the volume of gold. Moreover, it is mentioned in an article from Wu’s Explanation on Blockchain that the global users who participate in the encrypted digital currency have reach 30 million + currently.

From the view of policy side, Japan has issued the transaction platform licenses for legal operation of transaction platform; some states of USA also issued Bit licenses, which allow legal operation of Bitcoin transaction platform.

When more and more companies involve in blockchain, and the ecological chain is improved better and better, the transaction platform, as the asset circulation node of blockchain, will be more valuable, and more high-quality blokchain assets may be gathered on more consensuses, providing more efficient asset transaction platform for the “de-centered” blockchain. Currently, the popularity of global blockchain keeps to rise, and the Exchange, as the head product of the whole industry chain, with the help of capital market, makes its market position more stable.