USAEX – A Global Leader in New Generation of Digital Asset Trading Platforms


Since the birth of digital asset represented by bitcoin in 2009, it has developed rapidly all over the world as an Internet practice of technological innovation. As bitcoin and blockchain continue to grow in popularity around the world, numerous global leading venture capital companies and the best entrepreneurs have entered this industry.

At present, digital asset has tens of millions of users around the world, covering hundreds of countries. The economy based on bitcoin and blockchain has initially formed, and the demand for digital asset transactions is growing. A group of top technology elites from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and China worked together to establish USAEX in Las Vegas, the United States, in June 2018.

With its full name as Unite States Exchange, USAEX is a global leader in the new generation of digital asset trading platforms with processing capacity of million-level orders. Its core team is composed of technical elites from the United States, Britain, Japan, China and other countries, which is committed to providing safe, fast and comprehensive digital asset trading and related derivatives services for global investment enthusiasts.

With the integration of the world’s top technology team and the world’s top security technology, USAEX adopts technologies such as cold storage, bank level multiple encryption, distributed server cluster, distributed storage, high-speed memory transaction engine with multiple computers and hot wallet with private key offline to ensure the security and stability of digital asset transactions. We are committed to providing safe, stable and reliable digital asset trading services for every user.

At the same time, USAEX will also actively improve and innovate itself according to the suggestions and needs of users, and gradually upgrade the service experience of products to meet the growing demand of users for digital asset transaction, so as to provide better and better transaction experience for each user.

USAEX and its team always believe in the core idea of blockchain, and believe that distributed ledger and smart contract technology will build the trust foundation of human beings, eliminate transaction barriers, improve transaction efficiency, and have a significant impact on the real economy of human beings. In the future, USAEX will take the basic services of blockchain as the core to build a blockchain industry ecosystem integrating technology research and development, digital asset research, open platform, self owned capital investment, information, etc.