United states Wall Street funds investment banks, the advent of digital asset banking


The wide application of block chain technology has made the world Jinrongshichang rapidly changing. For this reason, it has been closely watched by various financial fields. Science and technology finance has affected the development of traditional banking. Many banking services began to rely on key technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, block chains, cloud computing, and biometric identification.

At present, the total market value of encrypted digital assets in the world is nearly 2,000 trillion U.S. dollars, and the future is still growing. Secure and secure management of encrypted digital assets and value-added services have become gaps in the market. More and more users are eager to have professional digital asset banks to provide financial services. In September 2019, the world’s first legally compliant encrypted digital asset bank, the United States Wall Street Fund Investment Bank  came into being.

The United States Wall Street Investment Bank, with a registered capital of 1 billion U.S. dollars, was approved by the U.S. government after three years of review. It was established by the U.S. government and obtained a digital currency operating certificate issued by the U.S. government. It is a global digital asset management and financial services institution. The Bank operates in accordance with the law, pursues excellence in quality, provides customers with safe, professional and convenient digital currency services, and actively promotes global economic development based on its own experience of more than 10 years of traditional finance and digital financial advantages.

United States Wall Street Fund Investment Bank has the authority to legally issue digital Assets. ASSET is based on block chain technology and is based on the securitization of real estate assets. With ASSET as a universal asset and widely used in every service of the bank, ASSET will encrypt the asset flow process and simplify it to the greatest extent possible. It is no longer necessary to build trust between user points through third-party platforms. This facilitates the smooth flow of global assets.

Encrypted digital asset storage value-added service is the core service of United States Wall Street Fund Investment Bank . Users can store encrypted digital assets and get services that store interest, free entry and exit, and steady income. Because the bank’s own powerful quantitative transactions, digital asset loans, leveraged transactions and other financial businesses, can charge a certain amount of formalities.

The United States Wall Street Fund Investment Bank actively realizes the free circulation between digital assets and living expenses based on the mature smart contract technology of block chains. Convenience applications such as telephone charges, car refueling, ticket purchases, hotel accommodation, car rooms, game entertainment, art collections, and medical care will be opened to service. The ultimate goal of United States Wall Street Fund Investment Bank is to build a social and commercial consensus system based on block chain smart contracts.

According to the development plan, users currently enjoy various financial value-added services from the United States Wall Street Fund Investment Banks . In the next year, the core application ecology will be fully open. It plans to cover most countries in the world within two years, and the number of inclusive users will exceed 6 million. The Wall Street Fund Investment Bank will become a super-commercial economy and will be a miracle builder in the world of encrypted assets.