Uncharted: Moving on from Nathan Drake


“It was daunting,” Sean Escayg tells Newsbeat about making an Uncharted game without Nathan Drake.

The creative director of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy says: “Once we had worked out a new story we were committed to it.”

The wise-cracking, treasure hunting heartthrob’s tale came to a conclusion at the end of Uncharted 4.

This new title, originally planned as downloadable extra content, focuses on the adventures of Chloe Frazer.

Uncharted Gameplay

Chloe Frazer has appeared in previous Uncharted games as a secondary character.

“She’s an interesting character, she’s pretty mysterious, we don’t know much about her and yet she’s still a fan favourite,” Sean says.

Chloe has featured in previous Uncharted stories but as a secondary character, this time she’s in the spotlight.

“There’s wasn’t any concern or any preoccupation with the fact that we weren’t using Nathan any more.

“We were so invested into the Chloe story that it just started to move on its own.

“The team bought in, pitching ideas and we’re pretty excited about it.”

Uncharted Gameplay

. Sean says he’s proud the game has two female main characters but says the decision was based purely on the story

The Nathan Drake-led series of Uncharted games have been a critical and commercial success.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is thought by some to be one of the greatest games of all time and received over 50 game of the year awards in 2009.

The latest in the series, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End won a BAFTA in 2017 for game of the year.

Sean says the change of lead character will have a noticeable impact on the game.

“The very nature of Chloe changes things, she’s a thief and a hustler.

“This very un-heroic approach to life, in comparison to Nathan Drake, is shifting the tone and experience of the game.”

Uncharetd Gameplay

. Nadine Ross in action in the PlayStation exclusive, out in August

Chloe is joined by mercenary Nadine Ross as her sidekick in this adventure.

Another veteran of previous games, it means the title has two female leads characters, not something you see everyday.

Sean tells us: “We explored pairing Chloe with other characters from this universe.

“Nadine was just the best fit, we’re pretty proud we have two female lead characters.

“We’re not ones that would shy away from that, we just pursue the best story no matter what.”

Uncharted Gameplay

. Sean says he isn’t worried with the similarities with the Tomb Raider franchise

A treasure hunting adventure title with a feisty female lead character does ring some bells though. Lara Croft anyone?

Sean says they’re not worried about people making the comparison: “I’ve not played Tomb Raider!” he laughs.

“Subconsciously we can’t help but be influenced by what we’ve seen, but I don’t know much about the franchise so I know I’m not influenced by it.”

Originally planned as additional downloadable content for Uncharted 4, the title grew into a full game of its own.

Sean says they’re hoping to appeal to long standing fans of the franchise while also attracting new players: “You could play this game by itself it’s fully standalone.

“If you are an Uncharted fan then you will find references to that world.”

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