TVC Mall’s Latest Collection of Wearable Tech Products Are Aimed at Generation Zen


As gen Z kids are increasingly getting exposed to latest technology, TVC Mall, a leading online store dealing in smart electronics, recently decided to step up their game. The company now actively pursues its sales strategy to tap into the niche market.

USA, 13th October

Generation Z kids are exposed to an unmatched amount of technology as they grow up and TVC Mall, a leading online electronics store, recently decided to latch on to the opportunity by rolling out an impressive range of wearable tech products. The owners of the store said that the smart electronics products which they have launched are not only cheap, but have cool design and exciting features which would attract the next-gen tech users.

“We want to move luxury to mainstream, and for that, we have targeted a niche market consisting of gen Z people because these potential buyers will have more buying power in the coming days”, commented a sales strategist on behalf of TVC Mall, while also adding that their existing collection of mobile phone accessories & parts are not going anywhere.

“We are offering special price on kids’ smart watch with GPS, magnetic bracelets, Bluetooth heart rate monitor and all other smart wearable tech products as the low price point would hopefully attract many of our target customers”, said the strategist, who has been holding a key marketing position in the ecommerce company for a while now.

Rita, a sales manager commenting on behalf of the online store, said that they now aim to bring more of such innovative and Bluetooth enabled devices. She also said that the company may soon start selling personalized and graphic cell phone cases, keeping in mind the increasing demand for such cases among the Gen Y and Gen Z consumers.

“We are trying to get the hang of the key traits of the Gen Z people, as these people now make up one fourth of the total population of the US. This consumer group is very different in many aspects and we will continue to cater to them with our smart and innovative electronic products”, said the sales manager during a recent press conference, while also maintaining that they will embrace an aggressive sales strategy in the days to come.

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