Turing coin is based on artificial intelligence technology

One of the greatest inventions of man is money.

Primitive human initially only barter, along with the development, by the government endorsement began the circulation of the general currency, to the advent of the internet era of the world’s major banks of the rise, because the digital money currency notes more convenient.



The ability of money to circulate depends on the confidence of all people in the currency, so the endorsement of Governments and banks is important. Banks as intermediaries played a role in the credit endorsement, this is the advantage is also the biggest drawback, it once hacked, or is considered malicious tampering with the data, the user’s account data must be damaged.

Turing coin ture based on the block chain of the bottom of the technology, the biggest feature is to solve the credit problem, borderless circulation problems, the real data can not tamper with intelligent applications. Depending on the footprint and ture files left on the project Ture network, ture blocks automatically create personal credits (Ture Trust scores) for users, and personal credit can bring multiple benefits to the centralized application in Project Ture network. On Project Ture Network, users can use their own ture in multiple applications at the same time, using ture on different applications should be a fluent experience for users. Users can view their ture activities on multiple applications and improve ture interactions through user intervention or ture Automated machine learning. At the same time, Ture’s activities in each application also leave the user ture digital footprint on the block chain, which is also used to update training ture. Ture is still a look like you, talk like, and more and more understand your intelligent image (Avatar). Each ture is generated, controlled, and managed by the original owner. Each person uses his or her own ture, also contributes the data and resources for the whole system, and thus profits. A person’s main representation includes image, voice and personality. Ture is a combination of voice reconstruction, visual reconstruction and Natural language Processing (NLP) technology to build a digital human way, and all use of proprietary technology, and has begun to apply personalized artificial intelligence technology to virtual stars and other scenarios.

Everyone is a node in the chain of ture blocks. On the large data system, which is formed by the personal data sharing of each point, a large scale and new simulation data is generated by the statistical model, which is used to train the deep learning. The results of deep learning can be used in subsystems of individual data of each point by transferring learning. by Ture block chains and intelligent contracts, each person’s different data, people of different geographic or cultural groups, and personal data from different applications have never been associated with each other before. Ture block chain makes it possible to learn from human-centered AI.

True it is just in the chain of true block architecture on individual voice, visual image and semantic aspects of the study of artificial intelligence, the future will be extended to such as reading, eating, shopping, travel, and so on various aspects of learning.

It can be used not only in the country, but also in the world without borders. Wherever there is a network, your assets can take you anywhere. It’s fun and it’s profitable.

The future has come!