Tuputech’s Answer to AI Commercialization: A Spiral Progress to Construct Business Closed-Loop


Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association (SAIIA), with over 100 member companies specializing in AI technology, was inaugurated in Shenzhen on June 30th. Li Mingqiang, founder and CEO of Tuputech, vice president company of SAIIA, was invited to attend the ceremony and the AI Leadership Conference. He also shared his opinions in the roundtable meeting on the theme of Foresee the future, Embrace the AI Innovation.


In the meeting, Li Mingqiang put forward three important points: social wealth and resource will be re-allocated as artificial intelligence (AI) will soon bring about a revolution in all industries; AI technology shall be commercialized in an upward spiral way; dedication in certain areas of expertise and cooperation with other companies contribute to the steady and healthy growth of AI industry.


Li Mingqiang believes that, as the cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution, AI technology is quickly infiltrating into and exercising strong influence on various industries, therefore presents great opportunity for China’s rise and brings about the reallocation of resources. Following the opportunity comes the challenge. AI enterprises need to think about how to commercialize the innovative technology and survive instead of being bubble in the AI wave.


“AI technology shall be commercialized step by step, but not at one go,” said Li Mingqiang. Citing Tesla as an example, Li Mingqiang pointed out that basing on pre-accumulation of data and related technology in the early stage, Tesla has now integrated amassed resource and gradually commercialized the self-driving AI. In this way, Tesla has step by step caught up with and surpassed Google, who wants to accomplish the goal at one go.


Therefore, “Constructing the business closed-loop with a spiral progress can substantially facilitate the commercialization of AI,” noted Li Mingqiang. It is possible to quickly build up a model obtaining 70% of desired achievement, while the 30% left is harder to be realized because of the characteristic of AI technology. In this regard, Tuputech, cited as an example, provides reliable services to its clients within a quality-guaranteed perimeter, all the while continuously advancing its service accuracy to raise the closed-loop higher and larger.  Starting with popular download tool Thunder, Tuputech is now serving hundreds of clients, including user-generated content communities and live-streaming sites.


However, the development and application of AI technology is far more complicated than imagined. Even in the field of image recognition, there are still rooms for AI companies to advance the technological application in various vertical section. In the future, they are not fighting alone in pushing the development of AI and it will not be a one-man show.


About Tuputech

Tuputech, founded in 2014 by ex-Tencent T4 technology expert Li Mingqiang, is an AI company that excels in area of visual recognition. With huge amassed data, advanced algorithm and partner NVIDIA’s computing hardware support, Tuputech is serving a batch of clients, including China Mobile Communications, China Unicom, Thunder, Musical.ly and Live.me. As a major step to go global, Tuputech is cooperating with Amazon Web Services and delivering fast and reliable service to clients all over the world with the cloud infrastructure of AWS.

Website: https://us.tuputech.com/