TRON accelerates launch of main net — exclusive interview from technical team


Recently, Justin Sun, founder of TRON has announced on Twitter that the main net of TRON will be launched in advance. Supporters of TRON are delighted at this news. Meanwhile, some people also have doubts as to how tech team accelerates the development progress and launch of main net.

Lucien Chen,the technology director of TRON, claimed that right now the release date of test net will remain the same as March 31st. The launch of main net will be advanced form July 1st to May 31st.The test net will have all functions what a basic chain should have. Such as running a full node, deployment of customized digital assets, sending/receiving transactions and voting.

As Lucien said, “We graded all functions according to the priority analysis of user needs. The main net launching in May will have all high priority functions. Functions with lower priority will be deployed later in the form of version upgrades.”

“Tron has a 3-layer architecture, which includes storage layer, core layer and application layer. In the storage layer, we designed Tron unique distributed storage protocol, including block storage and state storage. We introduced graph database to meet diverse needs. In the middle layer, we designed the modules of smart contracts, account management, consensus, etc. We have implemented a stack-based virtual machine and optimized the instruction set. In order to better serving developers to create Dapps, we chose Java as the smart contract language, followed by future support of other languages. Tron’s consensus mechanism is based on POS and some innovations in order to meet our needs. In the application layer, the developer can use the interface to easily bring about abundant Dapps and implement the wallet themselves. Finally, the contract of TRON is completely defined by google protobuf, and naturally supports multilingual extensions.”


“TRON adopts a refined POS Consensus to achieve a higher TPS. Another highlight of TRON is the killer app which will be launched on the main net. Not only focusing on the technology of the blockchain, TRON team also put lots of efforts on the user experience of Blockchain products.”

“We are developing modules using zero-knowledge proof and ring-signature technologies. And we plan to add anonymous protocols into TRON’s protocol layer to meet needs for anonymity. With the expansion of TRON, we will add more new technologies based on needs of users, developers and scenarios.”

Lucien also made a brief comparison among mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Everyone is familiar with BTC. BTC uses POW mechanism.

ETH, the most popular blockchain smart-contract platform, uses POW now and will shift to POS in the future.

EOS has not yet officially released the main net, it uses DPOS mechanism, and has smart-contract functions.

The design and idea of TRON looks very similar to EOS, but they have essential differences. EOS is a platform trying to meet all needs well. TRON won’t focus on versatility but will put efforts on making core functions best.

About efficiency and safety, TRON security expert Evan said, “Technically, security, efficiency and decentralization cannot be achieved at same time. Under the precondition of ensuring decentralization, higher efficiency comes with lower security. But with an effective economic model, we can improve the safety of overall organization and each individual in it, meanwhile still guaranteeing efficiency.”

About how can TRON attract developers, Marcus said, “First, from the perspective of marketing, TRON will use TRX to encourage developers to participate.

Second, from technical point of view, TRON supports JAVA. The enormous members of the JAVA community can join TRON community freely.”

Besides that Marcus also thought TRON’s vision is to make TRON a completed ecosystem. “A completed ecosystem is not something developers can build on their own. Users without programming skills are also an important part of the ecosystem. Our market team is planning activities that encourage everyone to participate. Follow the latest news of TRON to get more details.”

Lucien Chen said that there are 50 persons in technical team currently. Their team is expanding rapidly. There will be about 80 new employees joining the team before July 1st, 80% among them above Alibaba P6 or similar level.

Besides technology breakthrough, TRON has positive influences worldwide as its engagement in business corporation and construction of green communities. Programmers contribute their codes and suggestion to tech team via Github.

Lucien, technical director of TRON said, “We appreciate help and support from foreign friends. They are excellent coders. There is always the chance for them to join us.”

Justin Sun,founder of TRON, said, “So far Tron has been in a smooth business. We will keep improving team strength. The main net launch is important to TRON. After that we will achieve the goal of decentralized entertainment system based on blockchain and actualize the real freedom of value.”

Tron is a decentralized protocol based on blockchain. It allows users to publish, record data through decentralized and autonomous form.

Tron was founded by Justin sun, former chief representative for Ripple China,“Forbes 30 Under 30” in 2015 and 2017. According to, TRON reached 15th place in market capitalization ranking with around $3 billion. The average daily turnover is $3 million and nearly 50 thousand people own TRON worldwide.