Transdr Will Stop Its Users from Seeing Trans Women as A Fetish


“I think it is absolutely possible to stop our users from seeing trans women as a fetish if some proper measures are taken”, said Justin R, the CEO of Transdr.

Recently, a transgender dating app—Transdr, claimed that it will stop its users fetishizing transgender women. Fetish, a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc, is considered as a kind of disrespect and a disobey of transgender human rights from the perspective of transgender people. “Transgender people are not your sex toy”, “transgender women are not sex tool”. These sentences are frequently employed in many trans rights speeches, videos and articles. However, as much as they emphasize the fact, cisgender people seem to be oblivious to it. Will this app be able to stop its users from seeing trans women as a fetish?


According to Justin, it seems that several measures were taken by Transdr to achieve the “seemingly impossible” result.



First, Transdr would delete cisgender people who are in search for other cisgender people on the app. It is confirmedly believed that this app is only designed for transgender people and their admirers. It is either cisgender people looking for transgender people, or the otherwise. Nothing more and nothing less. People who are looking for other choices are considered as those who do not appreciate transgender dating, which are irrelevant and should be deleted predicatively.


Second, Transdr encourages its users to report users who do not show respect to transgender people. In other words, any words that could possibly expose his fetish over transgender women are deemed as violation, which will be deleted without hesitation, along with the person who said them. Besides, manual monitoring is adopted. If any inappropriate behaviors are discovered, they would delete them as well. “We deleted 30-50 users every day at the very first beginning. Now the number is much less, which is 15-25”, said Justin.


Third, they established a page on the official website called “Anti-Fetish“. As you can see from the name, it is a page which offers some tips and advices for transgender people to stop being fetishized and for them to quickly penetrate people who fetishize them.


“I know it seems that we are just solving this issue from its surface, but at least this is what we can do for now. We still have a long way to go. We clearly realize that speeches can’t stop fetish, only actions will. The strength of our app may seem insignificant now, but I believe it would grow and it might be able to influence the world bit by bit”, said Justin.