Transdr Users Block Trump Policy for Banning Transgender Military


In the end of last month, according to U.S. Supreme court, Trump administration’s restrictions on military service by transgender individuals was allowed to stand, which connoted that transgender people will not be allowed to enlist to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military. This bill triggered the outrages of the majority transgender and LGBT group. Numbers of protesters flooded to the street with the sign of “trans rights” and “resist”. Ironically, Barack Obama used to allow transgender men and women to serve openly and to receive funding for sex-reassignment surgery. The dramatic change and the sharp contrast of two presidents consequentially lead to heated debate and objection of related personnel. The reason given by Trump saying that the U.S. military cannot be burdened with tremendous medical costs and disruption is not going to stand any point in transgender group and is deemed as obvious discrimination over transgender group.


Transdr, the first and biggest trans dating app specially designed for transgender people and their admires, took its initiate to stand against the inequitable policy of Trump, which caused wide repercussions among Transdr users. “It is ridiculous to ban transgender people from enlisting. As an American, we have the right and we are obligated to enlist to serve and protect our country. As a transgender, I feel that I am abandoned by my own country for who I am. I have never been so angry”, said Kent Hopkins, a transgender man on Transdr.


From the perspective of all transgender people, it is no doubt that the human right of transgender people is deprived by the Trump’s policy. Given the fact of the already-severe employment issue and social life of transgender people, the last thing they need is a public discrimination from their government, which could definitely deteriorate the living condition of all transgender people.


“The fact is that there are 0.6% of U.S. adults identify themselves as transgender. The number is quite huge. Such policy runs counter to claim ourselves as a country of freedom and democracy. It is absolutely discrimination to ban transgender people from serving in the military. Trump has no right nor reason to deprive transgender people of the right to enlist. Transgender people shouldn’t stand by and let themselves bullied by such policy and it is necessary to stand up and be counted”, said Justin, the CEO of Transdr app.


Although being opposed by the three civil rights organizations, the state of Washington, and others, Trump seems quite persevere in his decision. The lower courts still haven’t issued the final rulings, let’s wait and see where it will go…