TokenX.Group Launched the First Token-Economy Community Conference in Beijing


Beijing – On September 16, the first Token-Economy Community Conference was organized by Consensus Academy, TokenX.Group in Beijing, attracting nearly 1,000 blockchain practitioners such as blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and industry stakeholders from China.



Dawei Zhao: Token-Economy Empowers the Traditional Economy


In the Conference, Dawei Zhao, Founder of TokenX.Group, Dean of Consensus Academy, delivered a keynote speech “How to Create a Blockchain Token-Economy Community (BTC)”.


“Blockchain is a technology of distributed ledger. It will promote people’s large-scale peer-to-peer collaboration by reducing the cost of trust and improving the motivation to participate with using token. Token is a high-end version of asset securitization. Assets go through a process from securitization, tokenization to monetization. Blockchain makes self-financing come true by mobilizing other resources to support its current development. Distributed collaboration based on tokens changes the model of organizational collaboration.


Finally, the organizational model will be transformed from traditional joint-stock company to Blockchain Token-Economy Community. Token-Economy Community is the inevitable choice for traditional enterprises to gain high growth in the downward cycle of the economy,” said he.


Dawei Zhao is a leader in China’s blockchain and token-economy industry. He advocates the concept of “Blockchain Token-Economy Community (BTC)” organization and helped many blockchain entrepreneurs in the token-economy model design.


He is also the author of the best-selling book “Internet Thinking”, which was sold 400,000 copies a few years ago. His forward-thinking insight and in-depth analysis about Internet transformation are still having directive significance to traditional enterprises.


Moreover,he was the youngest partner of Hejun,the largest management consulting group in China, and the head of its Industrial Internet Research Center. He provided consulting services on strategic planning and organizational restructuring based on the new economy for a few listed companies and was also invited to deliver a lecture for well-known EMBA classes such as in Tsinghua University and Beijing University.


Consensus Academy Aims to The Most Influential Education Brand in The Global Digital Economy



Consensus Academy, incubated by TokenX.Group, was officially launched in this conference. It introduced the first blockchain and token economy course since May 19, 2018.  So far, it has been successfully held in three phases. The fourth course will be held in Shanghai from 26th to 28th September.


With the mission of “bringing the thoughts and methodology and empowering the traditional

economy”, Consensus Academy, which has “Perseverance”, “Shared”, “Practice” and “Win-win” in spirit, will dedicate itself to bringing new dawn to traditional enterprises and the future Chinese Internet economy and becoming the most influential education brand in the global digital economy.


TokenX.Group Works Together with Partners

Under the wave of blockchain and token economy, the organizational form of future business is likely to change dramatically, with the boundaries of enterprises no longer being clear. All economies will be accompanied by each other and become more symbiotic.


TokenX.Group has seen such a vision of the future and launched a “community” strategic map. As the first step of this strategy, Consensus Academy is the portal to pass the consensus and establish a connection with the partners. In the future, TokenX.Group will fully utilize the node energy and gradually develop itself into a community to create an enabling network.



TokenX.Group is positioned as a global blockchain-and-token-economy-based enabling network maintained by community, adhering to the principle of “of the people, by the people, for the people”. It provides methodology, talents, funds, technology, resources for blockchain entrepreneurs by relying on global network of partners.