Token launched on May 20, 2020 – Technical Advantages and Guarantee of HPS


Star King Group (SKG) has entered into strategic cooperation with more than ten powerful international groups to issue the Global Happy Payment System (HPS). Beath DTM, the world’s first distributed blockchain financial service provider, provides technical online services to jointly promote the business model of enabling entities. HPS will officially unveil the mystery on May 20, 2020! HPS solves the problem of complex operation flow and greatly reduces the cost of user learning and use. Anyone with Alipay account or WeChat account can buy digital assets in just 1 minutes and solve the problem of high threshold. Let everyone enjoy the dividend of blockchain world.
The team of Global Happy Payment System (HPS) is from Canada and has a strong and reliable distributed physical architecture. These technical solutions lay a stable foundation for the daily asset management of users and massive future transactions at a higher level.

Firstly, the top level of HPS is user level. All user levels are connected with the most popular security protection system in the world–Amazon’s load balancing system. This system provides protection support for at least 30% of websites and applications in the world. The development team of HPS has three clusters in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai to ensure that the system server can still run stably in any region even in case of war.
Secondly, the system structure of HPS is that the user looks for DTM and DTM looks for health system. The equipment will intelligently find the best price in the exchange of Okex, Huobi and Binance and place an order. Therefore, this machine has the optimal price discovery mechanism and unlimited depth of legal currency transactions.

In the meantime, HPS cross chain plan is based on ETH, EOS, CXC, TRX and other public chains to build a smart contract architecture and access the assets of multiple public chains. After the first public appearance of HPS, the first batch of accessed currencies include BTC, ETH, USDT, CXC and so on. We are attached to other public chains as Hub.

This strategic cooperation will integrate the high-quality resources accumulated in the industry, form complementary advantages, and jointly promote the new development of trade patterns in the industry. Come and join us