Token Forum Users In New Age of Blockchain Excitement in BunnyPub


With the development of the Internet, the online forum has also become a field for the exchange of opinions and experiences of many interested communities on the Internet. From the one-way communication of blogs and news stations, it has developed into an online forum platform for further stacking messages, from the early stage.


The “BitRabbit-BunnyPub” platform based on the BitRabbit exchange is coming online recently. How do friends who are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency communicate and benefit from the platform community? First, you need to know the members of the BitRabbit exchange and what do they do?


The BitRabbit exchange team was founded by Ray Cao, a former senior technical expert of Alibaba Group. The BitRabbit exchange has been online since April this year and is actively pursuing the “disadvantages” of vicious private placements with a new system. Recently, “BitRabbit-BunnyPub” has been invited to join the discussion. And the “community mining” model of “posting, reposting, and sharing” in the forum, which attracted mining, caused many netizens to join.


Unique trading platform

For BitRabbit, the cryptocurrency exchange is the first blockchain project to reach users. The development of the trading platform and the security protection update provide a big data foundation for the future of blockchain technology. The accumulation of big data depends entirely on the user of the market.


Forum mechanism centered on blockchain content

How is the content born in the forum? The most popular social platform is the enthusiasts of various encryption currency types or projects. The arrival of enthusiasts is the exchange of their own love projects. The change of communication is to increase their hobbies for their own improvement. Compared with the topic column classification of the traditional comprehensive forum, BunyPub focuses on the blockchain content, and invites blockchains from media writers to create blockchain articles suitable for reading, forming a specific high-quality project section, and “Coin Pharmacy”, “Currency School”, “Block Chain Lecture Hall”, etc.


Multi-channel access to community rewards

The sense of accomplishment in the output of traditional media is nothing more than increasing the effectiveness of media and online reading by fans and then forming emerging media to attract advertising and obtain corresponding profits. The content of advertisements is varied, and blockchain media advertising is nothing more than a recommended project, and the project party will pay a high advertising fee. The project recommended by KOL (100,000 powder to Internet Red/Web Opinion Leader) is directly communicated to users through shouting, etc. The currency recommended by KOL has caused many users who participated in the transaction to suffer heavy losses, resulting in loss of media KOL users. The output is also very embarrassing.


BunyPub is based on the Bitrabbit exchange. It is also a forum platform that is compatible with various currencies, and it is convenient to open most mainstream currencies. Further, the Rabbit-based Forum uses the “Reading After Reward” and “Interactive Mining” mechanisms to motivate the readers to store the corresponding mainstream currency, reward the author, and further motivate the author to write high-quality articles, and the readers “pay” by themselves. In order to facilitate their own learning, the rewards of the rabbit-based community forum platform charge 10% of the reward fee, so that the platform can use the reward fee to maintain the platform’s support and invite more authors, let the rabbit-based community Keep growing.


Participating users can not only obtain knowledge by reading the article, but also obtain the corresponding platform currency through community interaction mining, and the project party’s entry threshold is to charge the platform currency as the opening condition. The combination of the three allows the value of the platform currency to be effectively guaranteed so that the user’s daily interaction can be effectively increased.


A forum business wants to integrate a token but wants to focus on growing their community rather than the technical and security issues of hosting a cryptocurrency wallet.


The forum also enables multiple additional tokens to be launched for specific topics of discussion to spur autonomous growth of the website niche by niche.


Publishers and creators struggle to make a profit from their digital content.  A new way for publishers to monetize their online content and community, based on battle-tested blockchain technology.


TOKEN Recycling

BRB holders can purchase traffic from the platform through advertising bidding. In the future, BRB can also redeem merchandise, gift packages and various physical store vouchers on the platform.

For Publishers and Consumers

By breaking the barriers between offline consumption scenarios and online ecosystems, rabbit currency has real value. Forming a new situation of online and offline integration, to make BRB real value.


What causes TOKEN price volatility?

Rate shifts in the crypto market follow changes in the market forces such as demand and supply, which often follow a specific economic law.Based on that law, there is a connection between demand, the supply of a product or asset, and its price. The law is also applicable in the crypto market.


The popularity and strength of BitRabbit also plays into BRB’s primary utility, because it means more orders and fastersettlement of a transaction, increasing BRB’s value for trading.


If you also believe that the future will be the world of the blockchain, social platforms will inevitably have its place, and BunnyPub is now the forerunner in this area. With such a good content creation platform, it will bring real income to your creation and hesitate. Don’t hesitate, join us!


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