The world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform for the biomedical industry-BMDGE


On August 1, Russian researchers reported that they analyzed the situation of the new coronavirus and found base mutations through gene sequencing.

Alexander Panchin peers of the Institute of Information Transmission Issues of the Russian Academy of Sciences wrote an article in the Peer-Reviewed Science Journal (PeerJ) that they analyzed more than 1,000 sets of data obtained from the sequencing of the new coronavirus genome in different countries and found 1,251 locations Base mutation, with guanine in many places replaced by uracil.

Health care is a global livelihood issue. Nearly a hundred countries on the earth have entered into an aging society, which is accompanied by an increasing probability of chronic diseases such as cancer, gout, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular disease. According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, 4 million people die of diabetes worldwide each year; 9.6 million people die from cancer; and more than 15 million people die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Coupled with the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, more and more people are paying attention to the importance of biomedicine.

The transformation of the biomedical industry

It is reported that the “2020 China Small Business Digital Initialization Index” issued by a research institution pointed out that gene sequencing, as a dark horse in the biomedical field, is a typical emerging industry that relies on computing power to achieve rapid development.

At present, the precision medical industry covering the whole process of early screening, auxiliary diagnosis, and targeted therapy covered by gene sequencing is gradually taking shape. The health management needs of ancestral judgment derived from the results of gene sequencing, risk assessment of genetic diseases, and prevention of chronic diseases have also been increasingly accepted by the general public and rapidly spread throughout the society.

However, in the field of genetic science, due to complex business modules and more sensitive to data security, how to solve the information security problem of gene sequencing technology is the key to the effective implementation of gene sequencing transformation, and it is also the watershed between successful and failed companies. . Facing this problem, BMDGE, the world’s first digital currency trading platform for the biomedical industry, handed in a perfect answer.

BMDGE helps biomedical with blockchain transformation

In order to solve the problem of information security in biomedicine, the launch of BMDGE helps biomedicine to transform to blockchain technology and provides transaction services for blockchain projects related to the biomedical industry.

BMDGE believes that based on the features of blockchain technology such as openness, consensus, decentralization, openness and transparency, non-tamperability, and private computing, as well as cryptography technology, it completely solves the needs for the safe storage of personal data, confirmation of sovereignty, and privacy protection. The project that combines medical treatment and blockchain technology has fully achieved the goal of trustworthiness, traceability, safety and compliance, long-term stability and sustainable development.

In terms of business model, BMDGE and biomedical blockchain projects work jointly for mutual benefit. BMDGE has now listed CMS (Chromes), the first global project that apply blockchain technology to the life and health entity industry.

The blockchain project, CMS (Chromes), builds an economic system with life and health business ecology as the core. CMS (Chromes) is adapted to a complete certificate issuance and release management mechanism, incentive measures and specific reward mechanisms, token applications and transaction circulation scenarios, to promote global life health industry and large-scale individual groups to form a huge value consensus.

With the continuous expansion and improvement of the CMS (Chromes) business ecosystem, the number of stored genome-wide phenotype data will continue to increase, which will surely further promote the token with the ability to constantly create value.

In the near future, BMDGE will continue to launch more and more high-quality biomedical blockchain projects, which will greatly reduce the threshold for investors to participate in the biomedical industry and provide investors with a safe and stable trading platform.