The world’s first AI automatic toothbrush has been unveiled


 ——“this high-tech toothbrush even knows you better than your dentist”

Recently, ORANGE Technology, a high-tech company engaged in R&D of AI technology and consumer electronics, has officially launched its consumptive oral care product, namely, ORANGE series automatic toothbrush.

The ORANGE automatic toothbrush which is at the pre-sale stage now will come into the market formally in the end of this year. This news made lots of “ORANGE” fans excited.

According to the journalist, the official renderings of ORANGE automatic toothbrush were exposed by foreign media. It can be seen that UV sterilization storage box is adopted for the first time worldwide, with stunning appearance, and this function can throw the international brands such as Colgate, Philips and Crest far away.

It is worth mentioning that automatic toothbrush storage box is built-in with remote wireless charging function, which guarantees the toothbrush to be waterproof, sealed, sterile and safer.

As the heart of toothbrush, the clean module has a self-evident significance. Learning about consumers’ needs accurately, ORANGE Technology provides consumers the user-friendly super intelligent toothbrush with true “chip” based on the powerful technological supports. ORANGE series automatic toothbrush of ORANGE Technology adopts the unique patented sound wave vibration technology, up to 50,000 times of brush vibrations per minute, driving brush to produce cross-cleaning, and its unique patented technology 360° all-covered brush gently fits well with teeth and gingiva. In comparison with the traditional automatic toothbrush, ORANGE series automatic toothbrush can effectively remove dental plaques and easily clean the mouth thoroughly in 360°.


According to the journalist, ORANGE series automatic toothbrush already engaged in pre-sale crowdfunding in Kickstarter. During the holiday season, consumers who want to buy cost-effective, safe and technological automatic toothbrush can have a consideration about purchasing overseas in advance.