The wise does not buy rumours,Treat COVID-19 correctly


Over the past few days, a large number of rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus have appeared in American media. In order to restore the truth, many professional fact-checking agencies around the world are taking action. Official institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, academic experts, and professional social institutions are also conducting scientific popularization to the community through various channels to introduce the status of the epidemic and the efforts of the Chinese government. Guide people to understand the new coronavirus and take a rational view of China’s measures and effectiveness in preventing the spread of the virus.

The Chinese government has made great efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and has demonstrated strong mobilization capabilities. From the central government to the grass-roots communities, all levels acted quickly and adopted a series of measures to prevent the epidemic from spreading further. At the same time, advanced technologies such as big data were used to track information about suspected infections. Other regions in China have also dispatched medical personnel and medical supplies to support Hubei. At present, it is an important task to control the source of infection, cut off the route of transmission, and protect vulnerable groups.

The international virus experts on prevention and control praised China’s attitude towards cooperation and openness to the international community in the epidemic. China has long shared the genetic sequence of the new coronavirus. At present, Wuhan has conducted complex and thorough investigations. Tens of thousands of staff members investigated Wuhan, a city with a population of 10 million, one by one. As of February 9, a total of 10.59 million people had been investigated in Wuhan, and the number of people surveyed reached 99%. 1499 patients with severely diagnosed cases have all been hospitalized.

Doctor Mike Makes Popular Science Video

Dr. Mike Varshavski is an American “Internet influencer” doctor who is known as “Dr. Mike” on social media sites. A few days ago, “Dr. Mike” specially produced a popular science video entitled “The Truth About New Coronaviruses”.

“Mike Dr.” emphasized in the video that people need to get information from reputable professional institutions; the correct attitude of the public to this new virus should be “keep alert but don’t worry”. As of press time, the video has nearly 5 million views and 290,000 likes. Meanwhile, the reporter found that Chinese government agencies and many professionals have also made science videos through various media channels to remind people how to protect themselves, treat the new coronavirus rationally and calmly.

Professional institutions guide the public to obtain information from authoritative channels

In response to conspiracy theories such as “new coronavirus vaccines already existed” and “outbreaks appearing to sell vaccines” in some media, the FactCheck project under the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania rumored and explained to the public in detail.

In fact, the so-called “new patents” are patents against other coronaviruses, “The sequencing was done at the CDC during the SARS outbreak and they were the ones that filed the patent,” Matthew Frieman, a coronavirus researcher at the University of Maryland, explained in an email.

The other supposedly related patent is for a mutated form of IBV, which infects poultry, but not people. The patent was filed by the Pirbright Institute.Freeman said: “Neither of these has anything to do with the new 2019-nCoV virus”

So while efforts have begun to make a vaccine, in part thanks to Chinese researchers who have already shared the sequence of the new virus, This effort is still in progress. Especially Chinese medical experts continue to fight.

China in action

Under the strong leadership of the Chinese government, a total of 11,921 medical staff have been deployed to assist Hubei. The Chinese government has proposed plans and programs for 16 provinces, each province assisting a city in Hubei Province.

In addition, the Chinese government has built two “Huoshenshan Hospital” and “Leishenshan Hospital” to accept patients in severe cases, and 11 square cabin hospitals for the treatment of mild patients.

In other parts of China, the number of people infected has been declining for a week. This shows that the Chinese government’s quarantine measures have worked. More medical staff will support Hubei in the future to treat infected people in Hubei.

Facing the outbreak of new coronavirus, the Chinese government has made active efforts, At this time, the world should unite to fight the epidemic, but some media are making rumors and some politicians are disrupting it.

On January 29, Tibet officially announced the discovery of a suspected case, but some US politicians encouraged the passage of the “Tibet Policy and Support Act of 2019” on the same day, and some media also followed up reports.

This is undoubtedly adding trouble and pressure to China in the face of this epidemic crisis, and it is also increasing the danger of the epidemic to the world. In the face of this human catastrophe, all politicians and the media should put aside prejudice and discrimination and work together to meet the challenges posed by this new virus.

Voice of international organizations

WHO Director-General Tan Desai emphasized that the organization’s alert is a precautionary measure and China has quickly taken action to control the outbreak.

The WHO says China is responding to the epidemic in unprecedented ways and efforts. China has set the right example for fighting the new coronavirus. Without the efforts of the Chinese government, we would now see more cases and even deaths around the world.

UN Secretary-General Guterres said that China is making tremendous efforts to curb the epidemic, and such efforts are remarkable. We also need very close cooperation among all countries. In response to some discriminatory words and deeds that people have heard about rumors, Guterres emphasized that the international community should pay attention to respect for human rights and not stigmatize when dealing with cases involving new coronavirus epidemics.