The vanguard of Blockchain Community BITWORK All Set to Officially Announce to Launch in HONG KONG


The concept and technology of blockchain have been developed and popularized rapidly in various fields across the world since the beginning of 2018. However, high-quality blockchain projects were not being popularized rapidly, due to inadequate blockchain technical support and market not having large and influential blockchain communities to provide supporting and turnkey services. Continuous development of the blockchain industry was hindered while many blockchain enterprises and enthusiasts were popping up one after another.


Bitwork, being one of the key blockchain community, the first official community hub will be located in Hong Kong. Bitwork has gained supports from global reputable blockchain projects, seasoned veterans on the blockchain, and globally recognized cryptocurrencies. Backed by such strong and bountiful resources, Bitwork will start to provide various supportive services, such as working space, blockchain technology, legal and financial consultation, human resources support, marketing promotion, blockchain activities, lectures and global blockchain community connection and so on to all enterprises and individuals who are interested in blockchain technology development and potential blockchain management projects, so as to accelerate the development of global blockchain industry. The company is all set to open its new office at Kowloon Bay Grade-A Office Building in the commercial district of East Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.


Being one of the pioneers of blockchain community, Bitwork aims at connecting global blockchain communities, agglomerating different blockchain projects, talents, technologies and aggregating scattered blockchain values by taking the concept of building the best blockchain community. To realize the transaction of an all-rounded product or service, while to establish a mutually beneficial delivery channel through a B2B2C ecosystem model. Bitwork will introduce exchange platforms, blockchain learning workshops and blockchain technology and investment seminars so as to let our community members enjoy blockchain services brought by different enterprises associated with Bitwork.


Bitwork will bring more value to individuals, enterprises, the society, and the world through enhancing activeness of blockchain communities, rapidly promoting the blockchain technological development and combining real-case applications.



Bitwork will spread the knowledge of blockchain to everyone in the world through education and application which can be demonstrated how every single individual applies it to their daily living.



Bitwork will optimize the resource allocation of the blockchain, agglomerate global industry leaders and technical experts, and build a world-leading cross-border information exchange platform of the blockchain. With this brand new blockchain collaboration platform, we will bring together mature and applicable blockchain technologies with the current business environment to resolve industry problem and create new business opportunities.



Bitwork will continually promote blockchain technologies and accelerate the cultivation of blockchain talents in order to realise more blockchain technologies and applications. To popularize blockchain applications and change the traditional inherent economic model.



Bitwork connects the global blockchain industry, promotes and fosters the most promising blockchain project applications to serve human life, and builds a new generation of sustainable blockchain ecosystem.


For the positioning and development planning in the industry, Bitwork has more specific goals in the future.


Bitwork 1.0 – Through SaaS (Space as a Service), Bitwork will provide working space to Hong Kong China and establish a blockchain community for potential blockchain enterprises and public users, and it will become the leading blockchain community in the world.


Bitwork will also realize Bitwork 2.0 – CaaS (Community as a Service) in Q4 of 2018, it is to cultivate and release the value of blockchain projects and enable them to grow rapidly. Bitwork is to continues link with all different kind of global blockchain communities and blockchain projects, talents and technologies, so that the outcome and value of blockchain contribution to the world.


The goal of Bitwork 3.0 will be extending service points across the world in the future. Enable the world to get cross-regional blockchain service through Bitwork, the best blockchain community, so that it can open up all kinds of barriers between different countries and different regions and promote blockchain technology and related landing applications to serve all over the world rapidly.


Bitwork has unique advantages of having a project founding team and an expert advisory team. Bitwork will make better use of the resources and advantages of these platforms.


Raymond Chan, one of the founders of Bitwork, has more than 20 years solid experience in real estate project management. He has been a project management leader role in the Asia Pacific for Regus development team to build co-working space serviced offices since 2014.


The star-level team of Bitwork also includes JC Xu, the co-founder of Badwater Capital, a digital asset fund who now works in DFJ Dragon Fund, an early venture capital fund locating in Silicon Valley and China and engages in venture investments in the TMT field.


Bryan Wu, another founder of Bitwork, has more than 15 years of strategic investment experience in primary and secondary markets, and he has focused on high-end technology, real estate and agricultural sectors, respectively. He held the post of Director of Finance when working for a private equity firm and was responsible for business analysis to executive management, mainly engaging in fund management, transaction structure/execution, due diligence investigation, valuation model, financing, investor relations and fund exit, etc. All the core members of Bitwork have worked at the highest levels of disparate industry segments.


Being the vanguard of blockchain community, Bitwork looks to attract more blockchain industry people attention and concerns by successfully locating in Hong Kong China. With more and more Bitwork blockchain communities set up in different counties and regions, we can project a robust growth in the foreseeable future.



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