The Underlying Reasons of the Unilateral Bull Market of the Plusfo Super Chain


When talking about investment, the insiders look at the doorway, and the layman may just watch a lively event, and when others get rich, they will be hot. Many people say that they have no money to invest, and those who invest are those who have money and no flowers. In fact, this is a kind of poor thinking. It is only difficult to realize the freedom of finance by relying on stable wages. One of the hottest ways of investing now is to invest in PlusFo Super Chain Digital Currency!

How does digital virtual currency make money? Where does the money come from?

When many friends first contacted the digital currency PlusFo super chain, there was always a confusion: fear of hurting the network, or fearing that others would gossip, thinking that it just earned personal expenses especially those bosses who have spent a lifetime of traditional business, even more there are concerns and ideas in this regard.


Therefore, many friends do not understand how digital currency appreciates when consulting digital currencies. What kind of money do members earn? How to make money? Why is it a platform without losers? Why is it a platform that only earns no money? Where does the money from this digital currency come from?


Let’s analyze it with everyone: First, we need to know how wealth is generated. According to the mobility and value-added of capital, wealth comes from the continuous circulation of capital, and only capital circulation can generate wealth.

In fact, both material and capital are about the same, only circulation can produce value!

How can we make money flow? It is the market! It is demand!

Especially in today’s digital currency, it is a market platform that provides such a capital flow.

One of its attributes is the total amount limit, never added. This has resulted in a unilaterally bull market chart.


What is a unilateral bull market? It is a market that only rises and does not fall. Since the outbreak of bitcoin, people have realized that participating in digital currency can make money. Besides at last year’s China-foreign press conference,Zhou Xiaochuan, the central bank governor, said that digital currency is a kind of digital asset. As a result, more and more people, including business, political and social players, are now buying such a digital asset PlusFo super chain! But the supply of this digital currency is limited, and the involved funds is unlimited, that is, people who buy more are always more than people who sell.


As the representative of the next generation public chain after BTC, ETH, EOS, PlusFo’s founding team is an international team, PlusFo is founded by Wall Street investment bank elite and cryptocurrency trading platform, joint blockchain technology pioneer team and finance, technology well-known figures in the field work together. Its core members are from the product technology departments of well-known organizations such as NASA, Microsoft, Google, and Goldman Sachs. The PlusFo core founding team has a significant international financial background, mostly from BNP Paribas, UBS, ICE(Intercontinental Exchange Group), and the Accenture blockchain project team, with more than 60 years of Wall Street financial experience. Top-level financial experience, top-notch R&D technology, and top-level industry understanding ensure that the PlusFo system runs absolutely safely and sanely.

Different from the traditional mining mode, one of the biggest features of the PlusFo public chain mining mode is the PUF power mining. This mode greatly reduces the threshold and cost of users participating in mining, and enables more users to participate in the mining. In the mine, enjoy the fun of mining. The user only needs to complete the daily routine tasks in the system according to the regulations to obtain the bonus of PUF power. use the power to mine, and make a daily snowball. For example, daily check-in, sharing, and playing games can get PUF for free. It can also be exchanged for PUF with major mainstream currencies. Currently, it supports the exchange of BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and PUF. The PUF that you can use directly contributes to the mining pool to dig the FOT, and you can enjoy the benefits every day. For example, contributing 10,000 PUF, the daily income is 98.835443 FOT, which is equal to 70.271999973CNY! Contributed to 25,000 PUF, the daily income is 249.46589FOT, which is equal to 177.37024779CNY!


The more PUFs you contribute, the more FOT you can dig every day! After becoming a VIP, the daily income can be increased by up to 3%!

VIPs can increase revenue, and each VIP raises different benefits. VIP is divided into 5 levels!

VIP1 will increase the daily bonus by 0.3% and the monthly dividend will be US$225.00.

VIP2 will increase the daily income by 0.6%; the monthly dividend will be US$672.00.

VIP3 daily extra income is 1.2%; monthly dividend is US$9710.00.

VIP4 daily extra income is 2.4%; monthly dividend is US$52250.00.

VIP5 daily bonus income is 3%; monthly dividend is US$120000.00.

VIP friends return commissions and more bonuses!

Currently, 1FOT is approximately equal to 0.711CNY and is in constant appreciation. The user can choose to continue to hold the FOT and wait for the appreciation. It can also be sold directly on PlusFo, and the second is converted into four major digital currencies: BTC, ETH, EOS and USDT.


In PlusFo, major mainstream digital currencies can also quantify revenues with one-click operation (currently supporting quantified mainstream currencies: USDT, BTC, EOS, ETH). For example, quantify 50BTC, daily interest rate can reach 0.71446%, annual yield is as high as 260.7779 %! And the more quantified, the more benefits you get.

In addition to the basic high-yield, PlusFo public chain in the key moment of the big bear market, also targeted the user’s general psychological and pain points, especially launched an exclusive insured function. When the market is not good, many people still hold a lot of digital currency, and PlusFo’s quantitative model can make the most of these digital assets. Users can choose to quantify the four major digital currencies BTC, ETH, EOS, and USDT. The platform added 300 million repurchase funds. During the period of quantification, the price of the currency fell, and the platform was fully responsible. Quantify digital currency, 100% insured, more profitable and safer!


The benefits of PlusFo giving back to users are extremely high. Novices register 20PUF, log in 5PUF daily, share 5PUF every day, get 90PUF per day, and invite 30PMF to register for each friend every day. Another friend’s three-level cash back, real-time mainstream currency cash back up to 30%! The longer the friend quantizes, the more rewards the inviter gets!

At present, investors have regarded the virtual currency PlusFo super chain as a new type of investment, many people have obtained hundreds of times or even tens of thousands of times of investment returns. Regulators attach great importance to digital currency, but investors also need to pay attention to the dynamic trend of money, and do not blindly value wealth. From the current point of view, it is true that the digital currency PlusFo super chain is a high security and long lasting investment.

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