The story development team behind the FWS


The emergence of the Internet, make the information transmission means the leap, has realized the efficient information flow, but the value of “Internet” transfer efficiency is still very slow, and “electronic money” essentially still attached to the traditional paper money, international payment is still a big problem.

At this time, the regional chain of the transfer of value is reflected, its value is divided into two layers, the first layer is a simple “value transmission”, we can send a COINS for any one person. The global circulation of tokens makes “value transfer” extremely convenient. We believe that the truth would allow us to have free and distributed to trust, it will deeply affect people from all walks of life, perhaps you are a music lover, want to leave their art for artists and to make a living, or you are a customer, want to know the hamburger meat come from where, perhaps you are an immigrant, after you get sick, want to send a lot of money back to loved ones at home, or you just ready to buy a fashion magazine Saudi women. As we write these things, innovators are building blockchain applications that can serve these target users, and this is just the beginning.

Living water (English abbreviation: FWS) is an ecological system, based on the intelligent contract block chain in the ecological system, smes can easily, safe and efficient to satisfy, commitment and implementation of global trade. The team was established in the UK in 1996, and since then we have played an important role in real estate marketing. After gaining these experiences, we decided to share our experience with our valuable clients, so we set up @world holding company.




Research and development teams for live water include:

David Martin |  manager

David is responsible for managing the daily operation and commercialization of Fresh Water Source, and is committed to increasing the market acceptance of international trade transactions. David has nearly two decades of experience in the international trade industry and has held executive positions at two international trading companies. In the past six years, David served as a senior adviser to industry partners, responsible for network distribution management, transportation network service providers (DNSP) consumer participation, renewable/new technology feasibility study,And business development. David has a lot of experience in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of regulated DNSP.


John Bulich | Technical director

John provides strategic direction for the concept, system and application design and development of Fresh Water Source. John leads the technical development team of Fresh Water Source. He is the general manager and co-founder of Ledger Assets. Located in dubai, the company is a blockchain development company specializing in the creation and commercialization of technology and commercial blockchain systems. Ledger Assets has successfully developed and deployed the world’s first product based on blockchain.

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