The Solomon Islands regulatory policy embraces blockchain digital finance. In the next few years, ETGC will drive the entire Solomon real economy to make rapid progress.


The English abbreviation of Either Gold Coin is ETGC, ETGC is a public chain based on the DPOS consensus mechanism. We are committed to the innovation and breakthrough of the Solomon Islands digital economy. Under the premise of long-term maintenance of economic stability in the Solomon Islands, we launch the Either Gold Coin blockchain project. We plan to create a digital payment method for gold mining, free trading of gold, international gold trading, and stable value support. We have built a stable tourism economy in Solomon and solved timber export issues in the Solomon Islands. We have partnered with MasterCard International. Visa and have reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Upon the completion of the public chain development, MasterCard International(SolomonETGC) digital credit cards and Visa(SolomonETGC) digital credit cards will be issued to create Solomon Economy International Community and ETGC global penetration payment value under the international layout.

Visa (Solomon TGC) Digital Credit Card






  MasterCard International (Solomon ETGC) Digital Credit Card


ETGC Solomon Islands Government Initiated Project

As a new type of decentralization protocol, blockchain is the trend of the era of information Internet transition to value internet. Blockchain technology solves the problem of General Byzantine, greatly reduces the trust cost and accounting cost of the real economy and redefines the property rights system in the internet age.

In order to promote the internationalization of the country’s financial system, strengthen domestic production capacity and build efficiently, we initiate the Either Gold Coin project to lead the globalization of the blockchain. The Solomon Islands Department of Energy, the Ministry of Mines, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and the ETGC project group discuss various proposals and discussed at multiple high-level meetings. The blockchain information can’t be forged or falsified; it can automatically implement intelligent contracting without requiring any centralized organization. The characteristics of the audit ultimately determine the ETGC development plan. ETGC will be initiated from the gold industry sector, and then extends to the Solomon tourism industry, as well as timber export fund loans, to solve the strategic economic development of the Solomon Islands gold, tourism exchange, difficulties in timber export and other issues.

Value Base of ETGC

After thousands of years of evolution, the world’s consensus on currency has gradually been unified into gold and silver. Because gold and silver meet these characteristics: small size, high scarcity, high value, easy to divide, uniform quality, chemical stability, won’t rot or go bad, easy to carry, hard to forge. Therefore, people all over the world, regardless of differences in culture, ethnicity, religion, or political system, have always accepted gold and silver as the recognized hard currency. As the saying goes, “Gold and silver are natural currencies, currency is not natural gold and silver”(from Marx’s “Das Kapital”). From Arabic to the Inca Empire to ancient Rome, almost all cultural slang and legend are inseparable from the records of gold and silver, and gold represents wealth, rights, luck and eternity. Either Gold Coin applies blockchain technology to digitize physical gold, applies the characteristics of blockchain technology to the entire production chain of gold production, processing, and trading, and builds a digital ecological chain of gold, which is superior to gold in terms of characteristics and gold liquidity is perfectly released. Either Gold Coin uses blockchain technology to implement a public-chain platform that is based on asset benchmarking and gold circulation that can’t be achieved by existing gold systems. In other words, by establishing a public gold chain of public circulation system to meet all the requirements of gold’s information reliability, transparency, and security, reliable asset security exchanges can be achieved, regardless of region, border, or time. The platform also provides APIs and SDKs that make it easy for a variety of applications and services to access data information on the platform and to develop new services. Either Gold Coin issues the “Token” gold asset title “ETGC”. It uses the digital application of physical gold realized through blockchain technology to form a global circulation alliance mechanism and constructs an Innovative application ecosystem based on physical gold trading through the circulation of digital tokens(Token).

Either Gold Coin’s wish is: “Create a public chain system that is designed to serve physical gold assets and link gold via blockchain technology to return it to circulation value.”