The Shipbuilding Company Used ANSTER SPMT to Transport Thousands Tons Ship in South Asia


ANSTER is a leading provider of heavy lift transport equipment in China. The company has been in the manufacturing business for more than 15 years. One of the major challenges that shipyard owners face is transporting ships and their parts. A complete ship weighs thousands of tons. Shipyard operators usually choose to use SPMT to transport the ship. ANSTER provided its SPMT trailer to transport ships of up to 2,000 tons in South Asia recently.
ANSTER’s SPMTs are fully compatible with Goldhofer and Scheuerle. A SPMT has the capacity to transport the heaviest and bulky loads in the world. The trailers have multiple axle lines with dozens of wheels. A control panel controls the movements of the transporters. The control center ensures that the weight of the load is spread evenly on the trailer platform.
In addition to self propelled trailer and heavy haulers, ANSTER also sells truck trailers. The semi trailers have different types including flatbed, chassis and lowboy trailer, etc. The major reason for this competitiveness is that ANSTER focuses on providing high-quality transport solutions. ANSTER has experienced tremendous growth in its export markets. The leading markets for its exports are South Africa, Philippines, South Korea, UAE, etc.
Several SPMTs are combined to move the load. Shipyard operators can transport the largest ships by combining several of ANSTER’s SPMTs. ANSTER has always used the slogan “quality for life.” It has a product design team that has accumulated skills, technology, and experience for many years. Consequently, the company can produce customized products for its clients. The design team has the capacity to create effective products within a short period.
ANSTER will continue to dominate the market for heavy transporters. This is because of the large investments in technology and quality control. ANSTER primarily targets the Chinese market. However, as the company records shows, the sales in global markets have been increasing rapidly. The company has distributed its products to 46 countries. ANSTER differentiates its products in the market through competitive pricing. Buying the best quality of self-propelled modular trailers is expensive. ANSTER is able to attract new buyer by offering high-quality products at fair prices.
Shipbuilding companies use SPMT for carrying ship parts and constructing ships in new production lines. ANSTER helped the companies save million dollars of cost of using gantry cranes. Why SPMT can replace gantry cranes? Because that their SPMT has ability to make two parts of a ship abutting joint with a precision of about less than 2mm. Which is ultimately a best possible accuracy to be achieved.
Now, after making its mark in the industry, ANSTER is looking for a bidding agency in the world. It is doing so in order to improve their success rate of bidding. In the year 2017, ANSTER intends to find SPMT to its bidding agency and distributors in the world to expand their business and let their products and services receive feedback from over other countries of the world. This could help them improvise as well as the expectations of clients from their products and the comfort level clients get from using their products and services.
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ANSTER is a leading SPMT and truck trailers manufacturer with military technology in China. The quality of its products can be compared to European products which are well known throughout the world and have established its name for a reason and that reason we all know is quality, affordability and reliability of course. ANSTER has been competing with many well established and popular SPMT suppliers, it is a result of their ultimate hard work which has brought it up in the world’s class suppliers. Looking for distributors.