The secret to Love Island’s success


After eight weeks on TV, a lot of drama, flirtation – and grafting – Love Island ends.

The ITV2 show has seen nearly two million people tune in every night to see the likes of Camilla, Chris, Amber and Kem in their Mallorcan villa.

Amanda Stavri has been the commissioning editor of the hit reality show for the past two series.

She told Newsbeat says the key to the show’s success is that it’s “warm, it’s got heart and it isn’t mean”.

She gave us her tips for creating a successful reality TV series and said you’ve firstly “got to get the tone right”.

Commissioning editor Amanda Stavri

. Love Island’s commissioning editor Amanda Stavri says producers don’t plan anything” more than 12 hours ahead”.

“Love Island is funny and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It isn’t mean.

“As a viewer we’re all supporting the islanders with them on their journey,” she said.

If you’ve been watching the series you probably know it’s always non-stop drama but Amanda thinks that’s all part of the series’ charm.

“I think the drama is really important, the viewers want drama and so we have to make sure there are enough twists and turns along the way and I think Love island has delivered those this series,” she said.

So how much is real?

“The producers don’t plan anything more than 12 hours ahead because things are changing all the time, “she told us.

“They react to what’s going on in the villa and work out what’s going on from there.

“So it’s not tightly formatted but they are there to stir the pot and put these relationships to the test,” she added.

This is a photo of Kem and Amber, a couple on Love Island.

. Kem and Amber are a couple on the show

And Amanda’s final tip is one for the viewers.

“You have to be invested in their stories to want to tune in night after night. I think we love a love story – which obviously helps on Love Island,” she said.

The fans’ view

Hayley, 25


“I’m so torn about who I want to win. I’ve been watching the whole series and keep changing my mind – I do think the public will vote for Kem and Amber though.

“It’s been funny to watch people change towards the end of the show and become more competitive. You can see the people who are in it just for the game.

“They say they’re not competitive but you can see personalities and friendships change – the whole situation with Montana and Gabby is a perfect example.”

Ayumi, 22


“Kem and Amber need to win for definite, they’re just so cute.

“Love Island isn’t like any other TV show because it’s really interesting to watch as it’s more natural and has a concept I really like.”

Emily, 23


“Kem and Amber have to win, Kem’s so loveable. I wasn’t sure on Amber but she’s grown on me and I think they’re both the real deal!

“I’ve watched every single episode, my housemates think I’m crazy because I’m addicted to it.

“Just watching other people’s lives is great and you get hooked because everyone you know won’t stop talking about it.

“I don’t know how I’m going to live without it – every day at work I watch it on my lunch break! I’m somehow going to have to find something else to watch.”

Holly, 16


“Kem’s one of the best boys in there and Amber’s got so much better since the start. They both seem really in love with each other.

“I find the people really interesting, it’s just so good to watch.”

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