The real dark and evil forces whose inventors are targeted are still under protection



From the evidence and in fact reflect Pi of chengdu area district party committee secretary dong-sheng Yang alleged ACTS as a black umbrella, director of “cat and mouse” so harmonious relationship. Even children know that cats are born to catch mice, modern mice steal fish, steal oil for the cat to enjoy, the cat is happy, sit back and enjoy the benefits, gradually simply forget their duties “catch mice”, so the real thing happened.

Junlin world villa community has 250 illegal construction, wang xhua suspected of real black evil forces

In 2017, zhou xinghe and wang fang discussed to build and decorate the house as a science and technology exhibition room. Is at a standstill, wang X hua appeared, he said: “there are 250 illegal construction in the community, 90% of his construction team, the other construction team into the community.” On March 13, 2017, the owner zhou xinghe and wang xhua signed an agreement, the total amount of which is 500,000 yuan. The third paragraph of article 1 of the agreement specifically indicates that 300,000 yuan is the coordination fee of the coordination construction. Zhou xinghe paid five hundred and thirty thousand yuan to wang xhua successively.

During the construction process, chengguan and law enforcement officers came to stop them, and the construction workers gave them red envelopes and cigarettes, so they stopped. Give owner said many times, wang X China Pi area have main leadership support him, these functions is to go through the motions on the surface, and the king in X China signed the structures of more than 500 square meters of housing rendering, so house built. Until today the reporter is in interview collect evidence process, just discover is Yang dongsheng to wait for a person to reach many branch elaborate plan, give zhou xinghe sets a trap, let him enter prison to lose life almost…

The reporter interviewed the world villa is illegal construction of more than 10 households, they all said that wang X huawei they are building; The reporter also interviewed the lotus pavilion several households have been built, they said they are also wang X huawei built.

Black evil force umbrella reflects incisively and vividly

On November 28, 2018, Yang dongsheng used more than 500 members of the public, prosecutors, law enforcement, armed police and special police to forcibly demolish the exhibition room of scientific and technological achievements. The Chinese invented gunpowder. When the Japanese and the eight-power allied forces invaded China, they used gunpowder to make cannons to hit the Chinese.

According to the data collected by journalists with hundreds of thousands of words, there has been no subversive technology invented by Chinese people to benefit mankind for thousands of years.

Zhou xinghe invented a subversive technology that can be used to build houses and Bridges with only one plant fiber, which can benefit all mankind. Why did Yang dongsheng and others hate the inventor zhou xinghe so much?

Evidence: the eviction notice — Pi rules of board building demolition and [2018] no. 2

Pi all district of chengdu urban and rural planning and housing construction bureau rules to build administrative enforcement forced demolition of illegal construction announcement, number is: Pi rules of board building demolition and [2018] no. 2, the announcement line 2 write new prefabricated building materials to build houses.

The above three documents show contradictions:

The first one is as follows: on September 23, 2018, the illegal construction you built was forcibly dismantled according to law;

A second evidence: on September 29, 2018, chengdu Pi all district urban management of comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau in accordance with the law for a compulsory demolition of instruct xing-he zhou illegal construction;

Third evidence: on October 29, 2019, chengdu Pi district people’s government on the district urban management enforcement on the xing-he zhou illegal construction according to the law of compulsory removal instruct “reply.

Evidence: notarial certificate (2019) chuan law notarization no. 3388

On November 15, 2018 (Thursday), Pi all district planning bureau chief Li Zongcheng for owner wang fang (13094491874) information requirements: wang fang’s boss, hello! Demands to see the you send me, welcome you to Pi district urban management enforcement in written or oral led to appeal to me, we will be your statement, defend dasheng situation report to the director for research, try to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of you. Our office address, Pi tube cuckoo hing street beiwai street road 181. Law enforcement bureau staff, li zongcheng.

On November 20, 2018, feng yongjun, director of the legal department of xinghe company, went to the relevant departments of the planning bureau to make a statement, and learned that wang xhua had received 300,000 yuan of coordination fee. Due to the uneven distribution of the stolen goods, the owner needed to pay the coordination fee so that he could not dismantle the science and technology exhibition room in no.12 guixiangting.

The reporter in the interview process, from the above evidence can be concluded: the world community has 250 illegal construction, into the relevant departments to make money and blackmail a place. From this more incisively and vividly reflects the “cat and mouse” cooperation and harmonious crystallization!

On December 18, 2018, the illegal townhouse no. 1 of peony pavilion in the “junlintianxia” community, which was taken on the day of forced demolition of no. 12 of guixiangting, has an illegal construction area of about 400㎡. Peony pavilion no. 1 (if the whole building) is built illegally, the area should be larger than the forced demolition of no. 12 guixiangting 500㎡, two villas are built in the same time period.

At present, no. 1 peony pavilion has been built and now it has been moved in. The true illegal construction, do not know how much the owner gave the leadership to build costs did not dismantle?

Zhou xinghe, founder and legal representative of xinghe company, and wang fang, general manager of xinghe company jointly purchased the same villa of no.12 guixiangting, a residential area of “junlintianxia”, in 2017 in order to display scientific and technological achievements.

Yang dongsheng used the public, prosecutors, law, urban management, armed police, special police more than 500 people forced demolition, demolition personnel said today only belong to the 50% of the zhou xinghe. At the moment, houses are being torn down beyond recognition.

Note: zhou xinghe’s property right number is: chuan (2017) pixian immovable property rights no. 0010944, by the pool over there.

On July 5, 2019, a man claiming to be a friend of Yang dongsheng sent a copy of relevant evidence. He mentioned that the cooperation between xinghe and Yang could bring down luo qiang. If there is resistance, will be shot on the spot, and finally auction zhou xinghe has the legal right to use more than 80 acres of land!

The same house GUI xiangting 12, wang fang has 50% of the property rights, property ownership card number: chuan (2017) pixian immovable property rights no. 0010945, close to the neighbor 14 there. The person claiming to be Yang dongsheng’s friend said that although wang fang owns 50% of the property right, the house was not demolished because wang fang did not have any land and property!

Inventor zhou xinghe was included in a criminal investigation in 2018

On May 28, a picture of the special struggle against blackness and evil in wuxi xinguang kindergarten caused a great uproar. Like zhou xinhe, who is law-abiding and has contributed to society, the inventor was also included in the list of those involved in the crime, but zhou xinhe’s “involved in the crime” is deliberately framed by Yang dongsheng and others.

According to the purported dong-sheng Yang friends provide copies of evidence, the city government leadership supervisory matters report, Numbers for a government inspector [2018] no. 203, the government supervision 【 2018 】 203-2, Pi city renewal of [2018] no. 2, especially the final review table all point to the xing-he zhou one target. The Pi all district of chengdu city management form the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau case was concluded in WeiZhangRen shows xing-he zhou is the only one?

In response to the call of general secretary jin ping and the CPC central committee, zhou xinghe was framed by Yang dongsheng and others. Yang dongsheng even openly against the central, the reporter did not know how powerful his background? Yang dongsheng and others did not put general secretary xi jinping in the eye!

Chengdu Pi area are rhinoceros pu police catch people for the purpose of alleged extortion of money

At about 11:00 am on November 28, 2018, li xiaohong, a scientific researcher from sichuan xinghe building materials co., LTD., and more than 10 others persuaded the inventor and us that the house was the joint effort of the inventor and us for the display of scientific research results. Please do not demolish it. They did not take any action to stop law enforcement, but the public security personnel forcibly arrested them into the police station, do not give food, not allowed to relieve themselves, is directly Interpol torture examination, the invention of zhou xinghe nanny zhang zhixiang was police wang yun hong interrupted two tendon, kneecap was broken.

Zhou xinhe, the inventor, protected his legitimate rights and interests

The reporter is informed in interview process, xi pu police station catches a person that day, early with criminal case qualitative, try star science and technology personnel to also begin to be gumbo, because zhou xinghe did not ensnare into the trap that they set in advance. Heard the inventor xing-he zhou in the day, around 8:30 in the morning to reigns for property management manager huang (13981702939) make a phone call, let the manager huang, director of the phone to the police station, then the director said: “xing-he zhou I just don’t know, now know that you forced demolition technology show room is in the crime, I’ll arrange sent car keys with your so-called law enforcement”. I wanted to find the inventor zhou xinhe for an interview, but I couldn’t get in touch with him. However, the reporter of this matter has been confirmed by manager huang.

At around 7 p.m., xi pu police station called the person in charge of the company and said, “your company personnel have serious problems and may be sentenced or detained.” Around 8 o ‘clock, a beauty about 30 years old or so found the person in charge of star river company and said, “have you received the phone call of xi pu police station? It can be minimized, but you have to find the former director of the law firm wu zhao.”

The next day, on November 29, 2018, former director wu zhaoxu made two receipts on the same piece of paper in the morning and afternoon. The first receipt is written in the morning, the content is “received sichuan xinghe building materials co., LTD. Early lawyer agency fee 20,000 yuan (say twenty thousand yuan)”; The second receipt is written in the afternoon, the content is “note: also received the above company to pay the lawyer agency fee of 30,000 yuan (say 30,000 yuan only), both sides of the agency business has been processed. No one in sichuan xinghe building materials co., ltd. knows the former director wu zhao and has never signed a lawyer’s contract.

Subsequently changed into public security detention, there are 15 days, 12 days, 7 days ranging from the punishment decision. In the morning, the person in charge of the star company paid 20, 000 yuan to the former director wu zhaoqian, and the detention time became 12 days and 7 days. The person in charge of xinghe received a call from the scientific research personnel, saying that six of them would be released immediately. About 30 minutes later, the person in charge of xinghe received a call from the scientific research personnel, saying that the six people had just arrived at the gate of the police station and had been called back, and they were not allowed to leave. Or that beauty clew, speak good first, 10 individual each person hand in 5000 yuan, total 50 thousand yuan, you handed in only 20 thousand yuan, still need to fill hand in 30 thousand yuan to just go.

Forced to be helpless, the person in charge of the company went to borrow thirty thousand yuan to wu zhaoformer director to send, more than four o ‘clock in the afternoon, the company’s six personnel finally released, the other four scientific research personnel (li xiaohong, wang hailun, feng yongjun, zhou jing) was detained by public security for 5 days.

The distance between youshangjie law firm and xi pu police station is about 15 meters, which reflects the harmonious relationship between the neighbors and the modern “MAO and the mouse” incisively and vividly.

Killer do not have the heart to informer zhou xinghe picked up a life

In the morning of June 1, 2019, xinghe’s operator phone number was 028-89998888. The staff received a call from a stranger saying that “we will call your boss zhou xinghe to pay attention to safety tonight”, so zhou xinghe did not go home to stay that night.

Surveillance video shows: June 2 at about 3 o ‘clock in the morning, a masked man, about 1.8 meters tall, opened the door into the indoor, feet on the ground sprinkled with flour, and directly upstairs into the bedroom, see no one rushed to empty, the conscience of the killer let inventor zhou xinhe picked up a life.

Next to the reporter in the interview process, there are a lot of people heard about it, after all very indignation, these corrupt officials is alleged extortion, just that, torture and abuse of public power, they use public right, the creator of a textbook research xing-he zhou as a black object, crackdown persecution, to destroy the world unique scientific and technological achievements, they destroy them, is the dignity of the law, is a national science and technology and rejuvenating the country’s image!