The Orenda landed in Times Square, New York, the happy town made the world yearn for it


On October 1, 2018, Beijing time, China’s first membership-based healthy and happy lifestyle system operator, “Orenda”, won the honor of appearance on the big screen of Times Square in New York, USA, explaining to the world’s people the brand concept of the Orenda at the crossroads of the world, showing the healthy and happy life appearance of the new era global small town.


Tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Reform and opening up,  Debut in New York Times Square

New York Times Square, as the focus of the world, is known as the “world’s crossroads”, while NASDAQ Screen and Reuters Screen are the iconic buildings of Times Square in New York, which is known as “the first screen in the world”. Known as “curtain and synchronization with the world”, numerous international brands have landed here.

On the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the Orenda, as the country’s most distinctive operator of health and happiness system, for the first time simultaneously boarded the Nasdaq and Reuters screens in Times Square in New York, to show the world the healthy and beautiful life of Orenda, to convey the unique happiness of small towns with global characteristics, and made the brand concept of the Orenda tribe more deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

The arrival of Orenda in New York’s Times Square at such a special moment is not only a sign of the growing strength of Chinese brands, but also a milestone towards internationalization of Orenda.

Happiness system serves the characteristic Town, creating the healthy Well-being

Orenda is China’s first membership-based healthy and happy lifestyle system operator. It integrates four major groups: health industry group, small town life operation group, town construction group, and Shengnojin investment management group. It integrates industry, operation, development and investment into complete chain management, and starts diversified operation of characteristics of industries.

Orenda, with “capital co-creation, operation co-creation, cultural co-creation” customer-and-operator mode, forms the unique Orenda characteristic small town development model and ultimately value sharing results. This is also the key to achieving the innovative value model of “health and happiness system operation” of Orenda.

The health and happiness system of Orenda is mainly embodied in the construction of each characteristic town. The small town takes the characteristic industry (the characteristic industry under the big health category) + settlement culture (dream settlement) + X (indigenous industry) as the combination development mode. Up to now, 15 characteristic towns have taken root throughout the country, and what remains unchanged is a core principle explored by Liu Xiangyang, founder of Orenda, to constantly satisfy customers’ needs and create health and wellbeing.

Orenda · Jackson Hole leads the new trend of “Orenda Life”

The most striking feature of the Orenda towns is its hometown, an American western style resort town that countless people yearn for.

In 2004, Liu Xiangyang, founder of Orenda, began the “Jackson Hole” project in Beijing, the American Western-Style Resort Town. The streets and houses of the town were all built in America style and followed the “free and equal” concept of life. The New York Times once reported on the town life of “Native American” project: “over the past decade, more than 1,000 families have settled here, with wooden houses, huge backyards, and streets called Aspen, Moose and Highway 66. On Sunday, church services will be held in this upscale town square with bronze cowboys and huge Victorian fountain. ”

In addition to the beautiful and comfortable living environment, Liu Xiangyang also built a unique spiritual place carefully for the original villagers, and designed a rich settlement activities. Orenda runs hundreds of dream settlements, such as drama clubs, gardening settlements, oil painting courts, food settlements, folk dancing settlements, image dance troupes, poetry clubs, reading clubs, etc., and holds the New World Wine Culture Festival, the Orenda Games, the Rural Potato Festival, the Hundred Family Banquets, and other thousands of settlement activities every year.

In all characteristic towns of Orenda, in addition to the rich spiritual and cultural activities, the health industry is also the standard of every each town. Based on the psychosomatic medicine system, Orenda gathers various high-end medical resources around the world, and realizes the sharing of medical resources through multiple channels. It also constructs the integration of medical care and nourishment, and solves the problem of living and health of small town residents in all directions. Over the years, small town residents in a healthy, happy living environment has formed a unique Orenda lifestyle.

The natural environment and humanistic atmosphere of Orenda promote the people to practice healthy, happy and long-lasting Orenda lifestyle. At the same time, with the development and progress of society, this healthy Orenda lifestyle has gradually become a new trend of life, helping more people achieve their dreams and happiness.

Keep Pace with the Times, Happy Town’s Promising Future

In 2015, American talk show comedian Cuige North America came to Beijing Orenda · Jackson Hole and sighed: There are two Americas in the world, one in North America and the other in Beijing America(Orenda · Jackson Hole). Now, three years later, Orenda  boarded Times Square in New York. In front of North America, the “Orenda America”displayed its own features. The life of this happy town from China made the world yearn for.

At present, Orenda has initially achieved a complete small town life value system. And, with stepping up efforts, it makes each town more flavorful. Over the next decade, Orenda will develop 100 towns around the world and are now planning to land in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and the United States. Orenda, as a happiness operator of the wealthy and wise people, explores a unique way to survive, bringing science, advanced life concepts and healthy ways of rehabilitation to its members and owners to build a dream for a better life.