The Most Popular Chinese Brands Abroad Issued by World Influential Organization:CRRC, Haier and Lenovo Are Ranked


On May, 10th, World Influential Organization issued The Most Popular Chinese Brands in London, Britain. CRRC, Haier and Lenovo were ranked.

The Secretary General of the World Influential Organization-Tan Chin Seng expressed that the research focused on evaluating and measuring the popularity, reputation, influence, overseas market share, sales amount of the products in overseas market as well as global technological innovation and other indexes of Chinese brands among overseas consumers. The nominated Chinese brands not only have their business scopes covering at least three continents throughout the world, but also widely set foot in emerging overseas developing countries and districts. In addition, they have enough open financial and sales information. Finally, after half a year’s research, Chinese brands such as CRRC, Haier, Lenovo and so on were rated as “the most popular Chinese brands abroad” by World Influential Organization.

World Influential Organization believes that CRRC has achieved remarkable achievements because of its overseas development. Its products have covered more than 100 countries and regions of the six continents, and have received continuous orders in Boston, Chicago, LosAngeles, Philadelphia, London and other high-end markets in the United States. CRRC is becoming one international company respected by people and is constantly establishing high-end brands of made in China.

However, as one of the first Chinese brands to “go abroad”, Haier did not take the convenient and low-threshold OEM mode, instead it chose the road of independent brand creation. After years of efforts, Haier has become the most popular brand of Chinese household appliances. Haier accounts for 82% of the overseas sales of Chinese household appliances, with an average of 125 overseas consumers becoming Haier users per minute.

Thanks to the continuous expansion of PC, mobile phone, tablet computer, AR/VR and other consumer electronics in the overseas market, as well as the profound accumulation and leading advantage of devoting itself to internationalization for many years, the popularity of Lenovo is also increasing in the overseas market day by day. At present, Lenovo overseas business is arranged in more than 160 countries. Its three top businesses, which are respectively PC, mobile and data center are ranked in the front rank in the world. 70% of its revenue comes from overseas. It has become the world’s most famous Chinese brand among global users.

The Secretary General of the World Influential Organization-Tan Chin Seng believes that the popularity of Chinese brands has been rising abroad in recent years. In the ranking and list of various world brands, Chinese brands represented by CRRC, Haier and Lenovo are occurring more and more frequently. As China is going to have its 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up policy, it is now a great opportunity for Chinese brands to have global development. The Chinese brands not only receive close attention of overseas media and research institutions, but also are becoming more and more trusted by overseas consumers.