The most cutting-edge technology and the hottest industry, Weft brain chain is coming


Block chain is the most popular and cutting-edge technology in the world. On June 6, the second Global (Asia-Pacific) Global New Financial Summit Forum on the Block chain, Weft brain chain brought the solution to this problem and its advanced technological level was striking.


In recent years, block chain technology and Internet of things, artificial intelligence, logistics fusion scene accelerated, a continuous stream of new scenarios and more business opportunities, the global block chain industry has become a prairie fire. But the carrier of value transfer carried by the block chain at present, in fact, 99% of the applications are still confined to the most liquid and the most easily solved type of asset, that is, encrypted currency. Although many applications of non-monetary assets are in this respect, But the number of landing items is rare. The landing of the application itself is related not only to the current performance of the common chain, but also to the support of platforms that do not currently have a good intermediate layer.


And the Weft brain chain has been very forward-looking in finding assets that use block chain technology or related decentralization accounting techniques to quickly lead the global trend. In the background of block chain, combining the most advanced technology and the most popular industry and topic (logistics industry, Internet of things and artificial intelligence) to create the newest, most complete, the most in-depth block chain service system platform, to realize the global block chain win-win ecology.


In view of the bottleneck in the development of the logistics industry, the data processing and trust mechanism solved by the Internet of things savings and a series of problems on how to better and faster develop artificial intelligence, and the painful point that Weft brain chain combines the logistics industry with its most advanced technology in the world, Development of practical applications of the Internet of things and artificial Intelligence.


In the logistics industry, Weft brain chain constructs software using artificial intelligence and block chain to help logistics enterprises to schedule fleets, reduce logistics costs, provide more convenient delivery services, and realize the asset and security of logistics goods. Improve the logistics business environment.


Weft brain chain’s original account book, Ledger of things, can record all things that happen in the Internet of things. Meanwhile, Weft brain chain will be further used to solve the security trust and identity problems related to the Internet of things.


More forward is that in artificial intelligence, Weft Brain Chain solves the problem of calling AI services in intelligent contracts. By introducing AI to realize the real “intelligence” of intelligent contracts and block chain systems, and through Dapp, it provides a AI economic network that is centralization, without authorization and accessible to everyone, to solve AI participation and cooperation among parties. Scheduling problems pull the whole AI industry to share collaboration and chain up to transform the traditional world.


The Weft brain chain, a highly focused block chain with strong technical strength and strong foresight, is making use of the world’s most sophisticated block chain technology, combining the hottest industries, to transform the existing logistics industry, the Internet of things, Artificial intelligence industry facing pain points, leading more hot industries to a better future development, occupy the global block chain technology ecological front end, leading the future, let us wait and see!