The mechanism of tracing the origin of jewellery industry

  • What is a blockchain?

The development of blockchain technology is the inevitable trend of social progress, whether you know it or not, whether you approve it or not.But the pace of social progress will not stop because of your time, not because of your lack of understanding!!Chain block is a new type of decentralized agreement, can safely store data and transactions, greatly reduce the trust of the real economic cost and accounting cost, block chain with decentralization, tamper-resistant, information open and transparent and to protect privacy, is a collective maintenance and reliable database.

  • What is the Treasure?

TEG (Treasure extravagant gold) is the base of sub chain and main chain TECR technology contract distributed intelligence, is based on TECR blocks in the main chain of the real value chain technology, combined with traceable without the trust, active branch of Internet technology.

  • What are the characteristics of Treasure?What are the application scenarios?

TEG will subvert traditional jewellery, luxury goods, and trading rules to connect the whole chain of molecules directly to the centralised structure.

In the realization of the mechanism of gem, luxury and product traceability, the communication between global communication and gold flow is realized.At the same time, the virtual space constructed by TEG is perfectly connected with the entity, which breaks through the real representation of the virtual space and the real thing.Through entertainment and interest, we can realize merchants and suppliers, eliminate the pressure of high pressure inventory of luxury goods, and reduce the cost of purchasing funds.

The TEG global plan will launch multi-language versions and multi-platform support in global markets.TE is a luxury platform integrating decentralization, visualization, entertainment, high confidentiality, high transparency and high traceability mechanism.

TEG is based on the practical application of TECR main chain block chain technology to build a global online security payment system and settlement channel.TEG will provide open source for global jewelry, luxury and auction business, and make global asset fun and penetrating shopping experience.It is not necessary to exchange the exchange rate, and use it across borders without any difference, so as to realize the large ecological economic system of jewelry, luxury goods and products industry in combination with virtual reality, as well as the interconnection and interconnection of high and new technology with high synchronization.All the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, communication, staff training, trading, entertainment and payment can be achieved through TEG.At the same time, the exchange of customers’ points of consumption can also be seamlessly connected through TECR and TEG, which has achieved the goal of helping merchants to save cost.

TEG itself is an open platform, entertaining, with payment function and value of value-added platform, it can support businesses, users, suppliers of raw materials such as luxury loans, including loans to small free trial.Will also build a global entertainment jewelry, luxury community TEGLuxury communication exchange, opal city residents will have the opportunity to understand the new project dynamic, dig gems every day, every day there are points, every day there are profits, a bonus once a day.