“The Longest Day In Chang’an” brought Tang culture abroad


Nextainment Media takes advantage of big data to assist in deepening of IP.

June 27, the super drama series The Longest Day In Chang’an” was officially launched on China’s Youku video website. This costume suspense drama with righteous ardour and extraordinary word of mouth is jointly produced by Youku, Nextainment Media, Liubai Entertainment, Saren Media with development led by Nextainment Media. Based on the novel of the same name by “Wizard of Words”, Ma Boyong, the drama tells the story of Zhang Xiaojing, a condemned prisoner and Li Bi, the prime minister of Jing ‘an Department work together to save the dangerous circumstance in the capital Chang ‘an within 12 hours in the glorious age of Tang Dynasty of China.

At present, “The Longest Day In Chang’an” has also landed on VIKI, Amazon and Youtube, officially appearing in North America in the form of “paid content”, which is also the first time for Chinese drama to enter the monthly payment sector.

Great work produced with sincerity reproduces prosperous times of Chang’an Super series empower multiple peripheral industries.

Launched online only 48 hours, “The Longest Day In Chang’an”won the champion of five lists of trending topic list of Youku video, real-time trending topic list of “Maoyan”whole network , trending topic list of Zhihu, trending topic list of Douban, trending topic list of drama list of Weibo, up until today, there are more than 270000 viewers in Douban who rated high score of 8.4 which is a rare high score for the Chinese TV series.

The story of “The Longest Day In Chang’an”takes place on the eve of Lantern Festival of Chang ‘an, is now Xi ‘an of China. In order to restore one day in Tang dynasty, director Cao Dun constructed a total area of 70 acres of production scene, from the noisy and bustling streets, the detailed appearance of all lands markets to towers where ritual officials announce imperial edicts, with the unprecedented prosperity of prosperous Chang ‘an .

After the series has been played, the position of Xi ‘an as a famous historical and cultural city has been consolidated again. Orders for group tours and independent tours to Xi ‘an have increased by 40% and 30% respectively, popular items in the drama such as Flaming-crystal Persimmon and Basin Mutton also are sold out on e-commerce platforms.

Chinese drama entered the overseas monthly payment sector for the first time Chinese traditional culture presents a new appearance to the world.

“The Longest Day In Chang’an” will be gradually launched online in places abroad apart from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and other Asian countries from July 1st, and it will land in North America as “paid content” on VIKI, Amazon and Youtube, which is also the first time for Chinese drama to enter the monthly payment sector. The high quality with ingenuity of the series has also conquered the heart of overseas audiences!

As a large-volume great cultural drama of Tang dynasty that spreads Chinese culture, “The Longest Day In Chang’an” is very popular after “going overseas”, which not only meets the demand of overseas audiences for entertainment, but also fills their deep needs to understand Chinese culture. By virtue of its engrossing plot, exquisite and beautiful images and common expression of emotion, the series enables overseas audiences to see the image of China that attaches importance to inheritance and keeps pace with the times.

Nextainment Media relies on big data to operate IP Pan-entertainment industry chain continues to generate power
“The Longest Day In Chang’an” comes from a popular novel IP that film and television industry competes to adapt. This novel with strong rhythm has the highest score in all of Ma Boyong’s fiction works. Nextainment Media as the first production party, Mr. Lin Ning bought all copyright of IP70 % of “The Longest Day In Chang’an”as the producer , then the IP will also appear in subsequent product forms like games, animation and films gradually.
As one of the important constructors of China’s Internet online ticketing and the new ecology of the film industry, Mr. Lin Ning, the founder and CEO of Nextainment Group, established a content company -Nextainment Media with IP operation as the core at the end of 2016. As an IP operator based on big data, Nextainment Media has continuously built its own content ecology. Through strategic cooperation with Nextainment Capital, Nextainment Media links the upstream and downstream companies of pan-entertainment industry, forming a complete IP business ecological chain Iteration and feedback are presented through big data, which provides excellent reference for IP operation. The success of “The Longest Day In Chang’an” is the perfect product of IP operation system of Nextainment Media.

Currently, Nextainment Media has more than 20 super IPs in continuous development, such as “Records of Nanyanzhai”, “Northern Eagle”,” Goddess No. 1”, “Being Single is not Damned”,”Dieter” and so on. Among them, the animated film “Terracotta Warrior Swordsmen” is scheduled to be released worldwide in 2021. Nextainment Media has gained a lot of experience in IP operation, and is looking forward to its vast IP territory in the future.