The Logic Behind 100x Altcoin| Twee’s Continuous Increases in Last 7 Months


Since Bitcoin struggles, a number of altcoins have outperformed BTC by a longshot. According to the Bitcoin dominance chart, it is bouncing up and down around 60% to 70%. Whilst other coins have soared, including TWEE- now up a 100x increase on December last year.

Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt states on his Twitter that “Most alts should gain on Bitcoin in [the] near future” and a possibility of “altcoin season” coming soon. It’s a great chance to invest some low cap coins to balance their blockchain- portfolio.

In fact, there are very few investors who can seize this chance to earn hundredfold or even thousandfold from these fast growing crypto in the early stage. Many regret that they underestimated legendary projects like ETH and NEO in 2017, missing 100x or 1000x profit growth. Trading crypto is hard unless you know what you are buying. Three components will help you to make the right choice.

01 The Power of Consensus
The lack of volatility of Bitcoin is not the only factor, which led altcoin markets to surge. There are some unique and revolutionary projects in the marketplace, which people were not aware of, Tweebaa is one of such projects, and its crypto TWEE is growing continuously for seven months.

According to the BitMart Exchange, TWEE price pumped over 100x from $0.06 to $8.60 within 226 days. TWEE has become the top tier coin on the USDT trade market, with $25,566,091 24H volume.

What’s the logic behind this fast growth?  The power of consensus.
Without community consensus and its early adopters spreading it out, Bitcoin would not be what it is today. If no one wanted to use Ethereum, create apps on it or issue digital currencies with Ethereum, the Ethereum wouldn’t become the trend today.

TWEE is built on a value-generating social platform pioneer, Tweebaa. From the perspective of revolutionizing business models and empowering individual value, Tweebaa aims to create a value-exchanging ecosystem for billions of users worldwide.

The most well-known believer is the current heir of the Rockefeller Family, Steven Rockefeller Jr. He joined the core team of Tweebaa on a full-time basis to align high-quality markets and financial resources for the project.

In addition, Denis O’Brien, a well-known American director and producer, does live streams to elaborate on Tweebaa and TWEE on YouTube every Friday night. Kevin Harrington, the famous entrepreneur and original shark from “The Shark Tank ” show, has always been a loyal Tweebaa Tycoon ever since it was founded.

So far, Tweebaa has successfully invited 100,000 users to sign up and experience the app even before the official version 1.0 launch.

02 The Team Behind

The founding team of Tweebaa is located in North America, with offices in Canada and Silicon Valley, branches in Beijing and Shanghai, and a global compliance department in Cayman. Team members are from the world’s top technology, financial companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Facebook, Google, and JPMorgan Chase.

The founder has been deeply engaged in the DRTV industry for many years, with abundant experience in the entire industrial chain of product R&D, production and sales. During this process, the founder of Tweebaa has understood how the social platforms are growing but taking the benefits from users. So Tweebaa is here to strengthen the people and give them the freedom to use their daily activities to connect and earn at the same time.

03 Project Progress
Over the past four years, the company has invested $7 million and developed hundreds of versions as it kept improving. The official version of Tweebaa App 1.0 will soon be released, which will sufficiently initiate the global promotion. In 2019, it won the highest “Diamond Grade” in the blockchain project rating by Canadian Chain Time. Tweebaa combines with blockchain technology to protect users’ privacy, protect original products, guarantee the quality of physical products through blockchain traceability, and create a stable coin circulating freely on the platform for peer-to-peer free value exchange among users around the world.

Tweebaa provides a technical tool to digitalize the average Joe’s personal values. The Spotify-like feature will allow users to create and to sell digital products on their Tycoon place. Everyone will have an equal chance to transform their knowledge, skills, interests, and experiences into products and monetize their hidden value.

Tweebaa makes it easy for every user to benefit from the traffic they generate and earn profits.

When we look back after Tweebaa is officially launched, 100x might be just the first step in the long march! How Tweebaa will transform the lives of billions around the world remains to be seen in the near future!

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More About Tweebaa

Tweebaa is the world’s 1st multi-dimensional earning commerce and value-exchanging social networking platform allowing everyone to transform their knowledge, skills, interests, and experiences into creative products and discover their hidden value.

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