The leader of blockchain e-commerce in CLOUD CHAIN MALL


Since the 1990s , with the application of the Internet, e-commerce, a brand-new business model, has been widely recognized. Since its inception, e-commerce has flourished globally, which has produced profound changes to the world economic structure and trade system influences.

By 2015 , retail companies have been using network technology to open up channels one after another. The original boundaries of the retail industry are being constantly broken, gradually showing a trend of integrated development.

At the same time, people are beginning to realize that the original retail method has been unable to meet the needs of the current retail market.

In this case, the “Blockchain Mall System-Cloud Chain Mall” with “Blockchain + New Retail” as the background came into being.

Cloud Chain Mall is not only the first decentralized application developed on the basis of Ethereum, but also the first C2C blockchain shopping mall operated with complete block technology . The use of blockchain technology to break the traditional integral island defect and realize the business model of zero stagnation of commodities in the blockchain + new retail system.

Compared with traditional blockchain projects, Cloudchain Mall has three major advantages: a global block shopping website, a global credit management system, and a global trade assembly point. Committed to creating a blockchain business ecosystem based on “new retail + new finance + new mall”, so that it unites all market participants, based on the economy, blockchain technology support, big data marketing as the underlying service To allow participants to gain greater profit margins.

At present, e-commerce has achieved unprecedented development, and the future market potential is very huge, and the cloud chain mall will surely become a leader in the industry and lead the new direction of the blockchain mall industry.