The implemented application of Hongda Chain will lead you to entertain worldwide on June 11th, 2018


In 2018, the block chain will enter 3.0 era from 2.0 era. The “block chain+” has spread all sectors. The internet giants in succession distribute own application researches of block chain. Tencent has launched the union chain BAAS facing at the financial sector. The Ant Financial subordinated the Alibaba mainly focuses on the public and cross-border e-commercial service and resource, while Xiaomi has started to drum up the technical talents of block chain. Besides, Meitu has published the white paper of block chain to explore the human-face AI technology, and the relative application entrepreneur of block chain sector is on going heatedly. It seems that everyone is talking about block chain in the whole market. Block chain has become the hot word among streets and media headlines.

The Hongda chain project refers to the Singapore Hongda Fund’s connection of block chain technology and real scene. The future developed direction of public chain needs to be jointly discussed on how to achieve the infinite possibilities in real scenes with project parties. The team members of Hongda Fund are all abroad high-quality technical talents, covering the computer subdivided fields, like infrastructure engineer, math actuary, high-end experts of financial and block chain field, and technical elicits. Hongda chain can rely on the Hongda Fund with the support of huge groups, holding the first-hand resource in entertainment field and having the first-edge overseas technical teams and completed implemented application. Being the project launched overseas and forged by foreign teams, the appearance of Hongda chain has attracted attention for the entertainment sector.

In the approximately ten-year development of Chinese hotel groups, the central system is universally adopted and the centralized repository of customer information has become the universal way. The member information of hotel group can reach over ten thousand at least or more than one hundred million at last, even as much as over one billion, having appeared several accidents leaking out information as a result. Particularly, at present, after the diverse types of hotel customer information and the popularization of finger touch and face decoding applications, the concentration degree of potential risks in personal information leakage has turned higher. Once the system is hacked by hackers, it will cause devastating results. The realization of block chain is expected to greatly improve the hidden safety risks existing in the sensitive data protection, bringing the financial data safety guarantee for the hotel sector.


At present, there exits non-standard and limited regions and other problems in the entertainment sector. The Hongda chain team aims to forge a brand-new and healthy recreational ecology based on block chain technology for the entertainment sector. Through the propaganda pf HDA and VCC, the entertainment sector will build a census mechanism to form an interest community among platforms relied on the Hongda chain, so as to resolve a series of existing problems in the entertainment sector and better serve it, even re-build healthy recreational ecology.


At present, Hongda chain has been establishing its own ecological system, including hotels, high-end shopping centers, golf playgrounds and other high-end sites. Hongda chain will deeply focus on the entertainment ecology to increasingly improve the entertainment ecological circle in the basis of the four core technology, namely block chain, cloud, big data and safety. In the whole ecological layout, Hongda chain has established a complete close-link through integrating platforms, resource and applications. A successful close-link ecological circle has absolute advantages in the marketing competition of block chain, being the core competitiveness of Hongda chain.

Firstly, Hongda chain inserts based on the standard of Taifang ERC-20 basically, making it as the circulated tool in the Hongda development process. Since the implementation of Hongda public chain, it will serve the entertainment sector as the main chain to link up the entertainment union. That is, “chain the entertainment, link the future”. Benefited from the huge capital flows in entertainment sector, the constant circulation of Hongda chain reaches to 80 billion. 50% is public mining, 5% as the angel round, 25% is used to the market, while the left 20% is owned by the Hongda Fund and the operation team of Hongda chain, which will be used for post-maintenance and community distribution as the development of public chain. As the sponsor of first WBC world’s block chain conference, Hongda chain will display the Hongda chain vision to the global fans, and cooperate with the global well-known digital asset transaction platforms with infinite appreciation space.

On June 11th 2018, Hongda chain application will be implemented. At present, we have reached the cooperative intentions with Macao Venice Hotel, MGM Hotel, StarWorld Hotel, Galaxy Hotel, Wynn Hotel, Wynn Palace Hotel, L’Arc Hotel, Crown Hotel, Russian Vladivostok Crystal Tiger Palace, Korean Seoul Walker Hill Hotel, Vietnamese Danang Crown Hotel, Philippine Hyatt City of Dreams Manila Hotel, and other dozens of hotels, to bring more chances for users and cooperators through the Hongda chain.

As the block chain technology introduces, Hongda chain will comprehensively change the operation mode of recreational payment sector, increase the internet operation and financial service, help the entertainment platform to improve operation capability in all rounds, help the sector to gain platform transformation and realize the transformation of operation profits. The entertainment sector is a three-dimensional ecological system including food, living, commuting, traveling, shopping, and entertainment. Hongda chain, as the ecological chain in vertical entertainment field, connects with the good timing and proper personnel to directly hit the core area of global entertainment sector, gradually implement various application into the real scene, so as to complete the transformation practice of offline entertainment sector and gradually reach cooperative contracts with more huge international well-known recreational sites, and truly realize the re-forged vision of entertainment ecology worldwide.