The “Gemini Spiral” impresses the world strongly


Enlightenment from Maxwell’s Demon Theory!

Maxwell’s demon theory comes from a Maxwell idea. He envisages that there is a “demon” in the system. He can drive the originally thermally balanced molecules in a closed box from one side to the other, thereby allowing a thermodynamic system to automatically reduce the entropy to a balance. To understand Maxwell’s demon theory in vernacular means that a certain amount of energy must be consumed to make the information change from an uncertain state to a definite state. In the thermodynamic system, the temperature is the same on both sides, but there is a partition in the middle. This “demon” has a switch to control the partition. The Maxwell demon allows atoms above a certain temperature to pass to the right, but low Atoms at this speed can pass entropy to the left to achieve Libra equilibrium. One of the parameters that characterize the state of matter in thermodynamics is represented by the symbol S. Its physical meaning is a measure of the degree of chaos in the system. The “principle of maximum entropy” means that any balanced system must end up in the most chaotic and temperature-balanced state. Usually we can observe a large number of such phenomena, such as mixing hot and cold water, or a box separated from the middle. Initially, there is gas on one side and no gas on the other. Remove the middle partition, and finally achieve a uniform density, any For a system that reaches thermodynamic equilibrium, the ultimate trend is equilibrium, and the energy is more and more uniform, and the density is more and more uniform, that is, the maximum entropy. If we divide an arbitrary reversible cycle into many small Carnot cycles, we can conclude that ∑ (δ Q i/ T i)r = 0(1) Scientists are constantly looking for some way to eliminate this kind of destruction, and financial So, but the emergence of blockchain technology has solved the disappearance of centralization, and the entropy increase that cannot be solved by physics is used to offset in the Internet to achieve balance and enter the Euclidean space. The actual energy consumption is offset in the time and space dimensions of the Internet.

Gemini Helix is ​​inspired by Maxwell’s demon theory. Maxwell’s demon theory is a process of entropy reduction, that is, a process from disorder to order. We view the market or organization as an intelligent system. In this centralized system, except that the central node is Maxwell’s demon, which can be entropy reduced, the other nodes have no entropy reduction capability. For distributed decision-making systems, each node has some decision-making capabilities. It acts as a Maxwell demon of the system, which reduces the entropy value of the system. That is, because the distributed decision-making system has more nodes, its entropy reduction process will Faster, it will be easier to return to a certain and orderly state. In the end, any balanced system must be in the most chaotic and temperature-balanced state. And this state, I think it will not be an efficient state of organization.

Therefore, the Twin Helix was inspired by Maxwell’s demon, and adopted the Libra trading rule and the triangular economic collision model (the currency stability rule proposed by a famous American economist). In the twin helix ecology, the initial twin weights of the investors are all 0, and the η and θ twin helix weights are obtained through the mainstream digital currency “adding and purchasing twins”. According to the property of equal balance of the scale, the same amount of η, θ Gemini can “sell by fusion”. According to the twin-helix double-standard property, the η and θ twin helix are equal and not equivalent. After fusion, η and θ will automatically tend to be converted into the side with the highest price to reach the balance of libra, so that investors can earn the difference.

Project Background

The Twin Helix, initiated by the global borderless geek organization, covers the entire industrial chain of modern business society. It is a decentralized, efficient and safe new generation of permanent transaction ecosystem based on blockchain-based decentralized cross-chain transaction technology, encryption technology, quantum technology, and heterogeneous multi-chain technology. The twin helix is ​​for the development of a shared economy To create a quality life, use the Gemini Alliance as the super entrance of the blockchain, gather millions of users, increase the stickiness of users through a unique hematopoietic project, and create a new, fair, convenient, efficient, and safe new blockchain for the service business field. The application ecosystem enables all industries to realize the blockchain alliance and allows all users and platforms to achieve common prosperity and win-win.

Consensus mechanism

Based on the analysis of various facts and according to the unified information theory, we can sum up the total root causes and general laws that cause the creation of all things in the universe and the development and movement of the universe. This is the “Gemini Law”.

    The universe has only two objective existences: extreme particles and energetics, and they have created thousands of universes in the universe. Limit particles are the smallest unit of matter in the universe, and can be divided into positive and negative limit particles. The collection of the same performance quantum between the same-size limit particles forms the same-size limit particles and the corresponding space, which causes the space to expand, causing the surrounding material to undergo diffusion motion; the dissociation of the limit particles between the opposite-size limit particles forms the energy particles and then ablates the corresponding space, causing the space to sag, causing the surrounding The substance performs a contraction movement. The performance of extreme particle aggregation and decomposition of extreme particles is proportional to their own mass and inversely proportional to the distance between them.

     This law is the law of the mutual transformation of limit particles and energy particles, which shows that the universe is formed by the mutual transformation of limit particles and energy particles, so we can also call this law “Gemini’s Law” or “Gemini Makes the Universe” law”. Gemini’s law is the most basic source and universal law of the creation and movement of all things in the universe. Based on Gemini’s law, unified information theory has thoroughly constructed a modern scientific system building constructed by the four major forces and the basis of standard models. Compared with modern scientific theories, the basic laws of unified information theory can explain almost all known and unknown phenomena of the universe more reasonably and clearly, and explain the mass-energy equation, the universe’s flat space-time theory, and the four forces’ time and space appropriately. Illusions, the principle of constant speed of light, the expansion of the universe, the essence of life and spirit, etc.

According to the quantum theory’s definition of quantum “Gemini’s law” “energy” and the ultimate particle are the real quantum, because only they meet the quantum definition of “indivisible smallest individual (or unit body)”. Entons are indivisible non-physical material units, and limit particles are indivisible minimum physical material units. Therefore, there are only two types of quanta in the universe: energetics and limit particles.

Spiral rule

Determine the direction law of the dynamic electromotive force generated in the conductor when the conductor cuts the magnetic induction line. The content of the right hand rule is: extend the right hand so that the thumb is perpendicular to the other four fingers and all are in a plane with the palm, put the right hand in the magnetic field, let the magnetic induction line penetrate the palm of the hand vertically, and the thumb points to the conductor movement Direction, the remaining four fingers point to the direction of the dynamic electromotive force. The direction of the dynamic electromotive force is the same as the direction of the induced current. The direction of the dynamic electromotive force determined by the right-hand rule conforms to the laws of energy conversion and conservation. The positive and negative limit particles and the same limit particles are called gemini, and the gemini are entangled with each other.

Unlimited creation of energy can be understood as the combination of Gemini’s law and the spiral law can create (permanent mechanism) permanent creation of energy (benefit)