The Gateway To The Opportunities For Growth and Profit For The Next Five Years


People are no strangers to digital currency; and some are eager to see fiat money replaced by digital currencies, longing for the living in the crypto-dominated future. But digital currency based on cryptography and complex network technology is indeed a new thing for us, and is understood by very few; how much it will affect the whole world is anybody’s guess. Historically, this is the right time to invest: usually it will be too late for people to invest in a new technology when public become fully aquatinted. The best timing to enjoy huge profit is to invest ahead of the curve.


In the traditional investment market, there are a group of short-term and ultra-short-term players who speculate and fish out the profit opportunities by their superb recognition of market sentiment and excellent execution. This kind of investment requires the combination of extremely diligent daily re-distribution, precise timing, strict trading planning and stop-loss discipline. Investing in digital currencies would be a daunting task for an average Joe.


Quantitative portfolio trading adds another dimension of complexity on this matter. Armed with big data, researchers can run various back-tests on their models formulated from a variety of technical parameters. Using the total investment return and low retracement in the back-test results, as criteria, investors can easily identify the good investment strategies from the bad ones.


Starting three years ago, a group of Forex trading technology experts from Wall Street and the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Elite began to introduce their market-proven quantitative trading system of Wall Street into the rapidly developing digital currency market.


“As an example,” John, the founder of the team, explained to us: “Jules Regnault, born in 1834 in Beden, France, manually and patiently meticulously combing through statistics on the Paris Stock Exchange’s stock and national bond price data. He analyzed that the price of 3% perpetual government bonds fluctuates between the two numbers for a long time, and derived a price that he thought was reasonable. When it was lower than this price, he would decisively buy, and the more the deviation, the more he bought; while it was more than this price, he would decisively sell, and the higher the deviation, the more he would sell. Using such investment strategies, despite the occasional short-term contraction and loss, he achieved his financial freedom and left a huge amount of wealth when he died in 1894. We can see that this is the earliest example of quantitative methods to analyze data changes, and its early adoption to exploit and make profit from market price fluctuations.”


“Now it is no longer the 19th century, but we have found that many digital currency investors, still trade like the old Jules.  Why not porting Wall Street’s established trading system to digital currency?” John added. “So, we did exactly that. We re-distributed our resources, efforts from the traditional financial world to address the pain points of digital currency investments. The team, with 16 years of operating in foreign currency trading business, has been working hard to provide a system tool set, which is more than a collection of analysis charts and technical indicators.  The programming language can be easily learned, and powerful new features, designed with digital currency investments in mind will help all traders.  Tools like pre-programmed AI intelligent trading systems, research reports, strategy marketplaces, social investing communities and a wealth of community interaction modules that support trading leaders and reward mechanisms. There you have it: BitStation, a trading tool that is much smarter than average trader and can bring much more than any system on the market.” John demonstrated the dynamic trading and some benefits that BitStation can bring to the crypto-trading world.


“When we put the BitStation platform into practical use, we realize that it can do more than we thought. The professional experiences of the foreign exchange market plays a vital role in R&D work for this less mature still developing market of cryptos; it looks like that we are bringing a mission-critical industry-grade toolsets to work in a less demanding environment. If BitStation can allow more people to use it with ease and profit more from their trading, which will undoubtedly arouse people’s confidence in the digital currency, greatly increase the potential and possibility of digital currency replacing traditional currency — this will change the whole world; and being able to contribute in such critical way lies our passion.”


John explained: “So we decided to put it online and build a brand new website so that ordinary individual investors can also access and use this quantitative trading tool in the emerging market of digital currency. The site will provide the BitStation tools and a social investing community built around it. When visiting, people will find it as if they were well supported in the most prosperous stock market trading time, world-class, and thriving rapidly.”


John, the founder of BitStation, a smart trading tool, shows us the universality and operability of rational and scientific investment strategies in the digital currency market. Numerous media have put the spotlight on this team full of trading experiences and potential. The trading tools provided by them are put into use on the website, which will enable ordinary investors to deal with the digital currency and quantitative trading from a new dimension.


Not only that, but the BitStation team has a new big move – the unprecedented trading analysis system they bring to the community will be a complete overhaul compared to their earlier desktop version; all of which will be reflected in the upcoming new launch of the website.


This may be the best opportunity for ordinary people to participate in the next five years explosive growth market. Who knows; but one thing for sure: our subjective impressions are worthless while the statistics and probabilities of the algorithms really rule the financial world.


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