The game changer to empower 100 bn consumers market emerges: SVIEF Innovation Award winner GSAE debuts at SFBW



As the representative blockchain project in Asia, GSAE was invited to attend the largest blockchain conference in the West Coast, the San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW), where GSAE had in-depth discussion of the future trends with the world’s top  blockchain companies.


The SFBW took place in San Francisco, USA between October 5th  and 12th  2018.  SFBW seeks to provide a world-class platform of exchange for developers, investors and consumers to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation. This week-long event aimed to help the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and engagement with projects leading the way.


At the conference, GSAE Operations Director Hao Guang proposed that “We are expecting to see the first application of blockchain technology happens in entertainment-finance industry”, and that “Bitcoin is the most powerful token with social attributes” These opinions were well received among peers present.


GSAE is committed to generate value through the quantification of social assets. A supporting financial service platform has been built to harness decentralization technologies and make the operation and management of the social trust mechanisms possible. On this platform, intangible assets in the entertainment industry are quantified and circulated, thus shaping a decentralized financial system for an equal and equitable ecology in the entertainment industry.


GSAE believes that new technologies can change the course of development of the new-type entertainment finance and enable the digitalization of credit. The consensus mechanism allows every social asset holder to quantify the assets and turn them into actual value. Industry experts at the meeting believe that GSAE will be able to empower the 100 billion consumers market with blockchain technology in a near future and become the game changer in the industry.


Previously, GSAE has attracted much attention by wining the Top 30 Innovation Award at the 8th Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) 2018. This award is designed to recognize outstanding companies that are constantly innovating in the high-tech sector and to encourage continued progress.

SVIEF is one of the most high-profile technology forums in Silicon Valley, gathering a host of industry leaders and more than 100 revolutionary companies, such as Shoucheng Zhang, tenured professor at Stanford University and founder of Danhua Capital; Kaifu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures; Judy Chu, member of US Congress; Tim Draper, founding partner of DFJ Capital; and Steve Mann, “father of wearable computing”.


After receiving the investment of Huobi, GSAE will accelerate its development  and launch exchange on 29th October 2018 on both the PC and mobile terminals. Mainstream pairs are prioritized for exchange. GSAE will continue to focus on the token economy where value is generated based on circulation and consensus.