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As a window for all cryptocurrency projects to publish information, digital media has developed into a major force that can control the information of the cryptocurrency. All kinds of cryptocurrency information published by the media platform affect the trend of the cryptocurrency world. It can be said that media platform could make money fast. The launch of any project requires the power of the media. However, there are several major flaws of Blockchain content company, untraceable exposure, unguaranteed views, uneven prices and endless release schedule”.


FFFnews is the first “0” private placement, “100%” revenue returning to the community, open and fully transparent digital content sharing platform in the world. By focusing on the Blockchain-related domain, it will be built into a digital content sharing platform that includes news publishing, news sharing, exposure, operational services, and give feedback on traffic data.


FFF means fair, fast and future.


With private placement, investor will get Token at a relatively lower price in the early stage of the project. The project teams may use this investment for early team construction, project development and other activities. However, after the Token is listed on the exchange, it will instantly gain high liquidity. Soon, the game of who runs fast will begin. Usually, the private investment institution who gets Tokens at a lower cost will sell first.


There will be no private placement for FFFnews. It wishes to become a spontaneous-order community from the very beginning. Everyone gets Tokens according to their contribution to the community and it will guarantee fairness maximally.


The total revenue from the “Posting News Mining” model and the number of Tokens generated by mining will be always announced in the community. According to the revenue distribution mechanism “Revenue / liquid FFF * holding FFF”, all revenue will be distributed to FFF holders on a daily basis. The real benefit belongs to the community!


Today, there are content flood everywhere. But FFF news provides simple, intuitional and focused contents to all community users.


FFFnews believes that there are three eras in the Internet. The internet 1.0 is free. The internet 2.0 is compensation. And the internet 3.0 will be contribution mining model which the revenue will be distributed to contributors.


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“Posting News Mining” model! Come to FFFnews and join us to the Internet 3.0!