The first MtGox Global Summit on October 13, 2020


The restart of MtGox in 2020 has been recognized by the cryptocurrency industry, exchanges, investors, media as well as communities. As of August, the number of registered members has reached 10,000,00, and the daily active has reached 60,000. This shows the recognition and support of MtGox in the cryptocurrency world.

Therefore, MtGox organized this Global Summit to give thanks to people who follow and support MtGox (including but not limited to investors, media, community leaders, etc.) for providing strong support for the rapid development of MtGox, and to reward outstanding media and community leaders.

To this end, all shareholders and department heads of MtGox will attend the event. The shareholder Albert Jehy will introduce MTGOX plan and future to all participants.

Summit theme: Recast dreams and look forward to the future.

Venue: Higashi Shibuya District, Tokyo, Japan

Activity expenditure:

The summit can accommodate a total of 10,000 participants, of which all expenses for 5,000 participants are provided by MtGox. The travel expenses of the other 5,000 participants shall be borne by themselves.

All participants who sign up for the summit are required to deposit 300 USDT to MtGox (refunded on the same day after the summit)

Requirements for free participants:

  • Individuals directly promote valid members with more than 15 people.
  • The community has reached 500 people.
  • Personal interest-bearing trading accounts reach more than 3000 USDT.

This event intends to give certain rewards to individuals and community leaders. The reward plan is as follows:

IdentityNew performance / USDTPrice / BTCQuota
Individual100 000120
Team1 000 00036
Team3 000 000104
Team10 000 000402
Team50 000 0001661

PS: If you have received rewards at the “2020. Sanya Digital Economy Summit Forum”, the summit awards will be deducted from the performance of the “2020. Sanya Digital Economy Summit Forum” settlement award.

This meeting is an early registration meeting. Anyone who has not registered in advance in any form is declined.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


August 21, 2020