The First Hunan Grain Group Cup China One Town One Product Design Awards Launch Conference Held in Beijing


 “Belt & Road and the World, One Town One Product and One Dream”. The First Hunan Grain Group Cup China One Town One Product (OTOP) Design Awards Launch Conference was held in Communication University of China on July 10th, 2019. Over 100 people attended the launch conference, including experts, scholars, enterprise representatives and journalists. The OTOP competition is held by China Council for the Promotion of National Trade (CCPNT) and Hunan Grain Group Limited Liability Company (Hunan Grain Group). Elite forces from the industry, academic, business and media circles will take part in this grand professional competition, exploring special products, brands and regional advantages in ethic areas of China.

CCPNT is committed to supporting excellent national and ethnic product brands of China.

In 2016, CCPNT initiated China OTOP Industrial Promotion Plan with approval by the authority. The plan was aimed at establishing a scientific industrial upgrading system through the integration of social forces. It covered more than 2,800 cities & counties and 40,000 towns & villages in China, building regional product brands and accelerating the formation of industrial centers.

In 2017, Qianxinan of Guizhou province became one of the first pilot areas of China OTOP Industrial Promotion Plan. Under the help of CCPNT, Qianxinan participated in a number of activities, such as the National Conference on Development of Ethnic Areas and Macao International Trade and Investment Exhibition. With these efforts, the poverty-stricken Xingren county of Qianxinan got rid of poverty.

In June 2018, CCPNT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Changsha Municipal Government and settled the headquarters of China OTOP Industrial Promotion Center in Changsha. In the same year, CCPNT also signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent. The two sides decided to boost China OTOP Industrial Promotion Plan through utilization of big data together.

As the key part of China’s OTOP Industrial Promotion Plan, the OTOP competition will accelerate the construction of OTOP in the fields of talents, products and business opportunities.

At the launch conference, Yang Yongsheng, the president of Hunan Grain Group, said that his sponsorship of the competition was closely related to the cooperative strategies of CCPNT, Hunan province and Changsha city. As the largest state-owned grain company in Hunan province, Hunan Grain Group has made great contributions to promoting Hunan product brands and anti-poverty projects.

During the launch conference, Lan Jun, the president of CCPNT, said that the competition was designed to select competitive and advantageous products and help promote these brands.

According to the organizing committee, the competition is divided into two parts, Potential Products (including but not limited to concept product design) and Marketing Design. Participators can register online directly or get invitation from the committee. Marketing Design is open to professional marketing design institutions and personnel from all over the country as well as college students. There is no limit on participating team members and the number of competition categories that they choose.