The famous writer Long Erdong was deceived and defamed, the court ruled that Zhang Dalong lost the case


Los Angeles’s Zhang Dalong owed a writer’s creation fee and slammed the writer Long Erdong’s case, which made a fuss in the American Chinese community. According to the latest news, the US Pasadena court sentenced on July 8 that Zhang Dalong lost the case and paid 6000 yuan for Longer East, and the litigation fee was 115 yuan, totaling 6,115 yuan. At this point, the fake doctor Zhang Dalong sue the famous writer Long Erdong’s so-called “plagiarism” case, ending with Zhang Dalong’s defeat.

(Source: Pasadena Court official website)

Los Angeles fake doctor Zhang Dalong was responsible for the debts, failed to perform the contract, and defaulted on Longer’s creation fee for a year and a half. He also accused the writer of “plagiarism”, maliciously slandering and corrupting the reputation of the writer’s innocence. Writer Long Erdong had to bring Zhang Dalong to court. The US court heard the case on June 19, 2019. Long Erdong submitted detailed evidence to the court, indicating that Mr. Long Erdong did not have plagiarism at all, purely Zhang Dalong’s obituary for not paying the contract and not giving the creation fee. Long Erdong also presented evidence such as videos and posts posted by Zhang Dalong on the Internet and the reputation of the writer.

Zhang Dalong raised his hand in the court and vowed to tell the truth, but he even lied! Long Erdong’s court used the hard evidence to expose Zhang Dalong’s lies. For example, Zhang Dalong lied that the writer had not completed the manuscript for two years. Long Erdong showed evidence that the first draft was completed on January 31, 2018, and Zhang Zhanglong was sent to Zhang Dalong. After receiving the sample, Zhang Dalong did not have any written amendments within a year and a half, nor did he pay the creation fee according to the contract. Long Erdong and the lawyer of the supervision contract have been urging Zhang Dalong to perform the contract payment. Zhang Dalong has been in arrears on the grounds of economic difficulties. Surprisingly, in order to repay the account, Zhang Dalong tried to exploit the legal loopholes and used the court as a tool to evade debt, accusing the writer of “plagiarism”!

The evidence presented by Long Erdong also shows that before signing the contract, the writer proposed to use both Chinese and English versions. Zhang Dalong knows that writers do not understand English but insist on using only English contracts. In the court, Zhang Dalong even lied in front of the judge, saying that it is irrelevant to him to use only the English contract, which is the responsibility of the attorney. The lawyer was just commissioned by Zhang Dalong, and the lawyer’s fee was paid by Zhang Dalong. The judge saw through Zhang Dalong’s lie and immediately rebuked Zhang Dalong: “What do you mean by this? Don’t say this again!” Zhang Dalong looked embarrassed, but still did not change the habit of lying. After a while, Zhang Dalong lied that he had signed a contract with the publisher, and he was about to print the book, but found that the third chapter had a plagiarized Baidu entry. The writer debuted Zhang Dalong’s lies in court. Responsible to Zhang Dalong “You have not given me the first draft fee, you have not got all the manuscripts, you only have three chapters of the sample chapter, what do you want to print?” Zhang Dalong suddenly speechless. The judge glanced at Zhang Dalong with a scornful look and sneered. Then the writer pointed out that Zhang Dalong’s fraud has been in existence for a long time: Zhang Dalong has been repeatedly sentenced by the court as fraud in China (the July 29, 2011 fraud Xu Zhifang case, the August 10, 2015 fraud Liu Yunhui case, etc. Case), the court ordered Zhang Dalong to compensate and apologize to Xu Zhifang, Liu Yunhui and other victims.

After Zhang Dalong ran to the United States, he pretended to be a doctor and defrauded the Chinese. He was repeatedly reported by many people and was investigated and dealt with by the San Gabriel Municipal Government and the California Acupuncture Bureau.

Zhang Dalong originally wanted to exploit legal loopholes and used the court as a tool to evade debt in order to achieve his fraudulent purpose. Unexpectedly, the writer Long Erdong was exposed in court and was reprimanded and despised by the judge. Therefore, Zhang Dalong pretended to be pitiful in order to win the sympathy of the judge. He lied that the writer wanted to “copy the interview recording to China.” How would his family be, Zhang Dalong pretended to want to cry! Damn. . . . . . It’s a clown show!

The fake doctor Zhang Dalong sue the famous writer Long Erdong, and ended up losing Zhang Dalong. Once again remind people to beware of liar and protect themselves. It also warned the bad guys that “multiple lines of injustice will be self-defeating.” For the Los Angeles Overseas Chinese Daily and the Big JI Yuanbao, which were initially deceived by Zhang Dalong, Long Erdong will ask a lawyer to send a letter to strengthen the self-discipline of the two media and recover the adverse effects caused by the misrepresentation.