The Crossover Innovative Creator of Global Aviation Brand: Aviation Craftsmen Model of IAIO-Nardo



Mr. Li Chen Chief Innovation Officer of IAIO-NARDO, was recently interviewed at Frankfurt Airport where he talked at length about the Aviation Craftsman Mode.


Germany, 15th July


IAIO-NARDO Aerospace Laboratory, an international aviation innovative organization, is engaged in airline travel innovation and aircraft industry design. Recently, on behalf of IAIO-NARDO, Mr. Li Chen, the Chief Innovation Officer of the laboratory provided a detailed explanation of “aviation brand operator” at Frankfurt Airport in an interview with the press.


Mr. Li Chen said that top management in many well-known aviation companies still have their understanding on brand building at the initial phase based on unquantifiable evaluation. So when working on brand establishment, they focus on the stepwise development activities or the pressurized management on public opinions. This is why they ignore the special technology owned by aviation companies and sustainability of brand establishment.


Mr. Li Chen also explained why the traditional aviation companies are fast losing in the competitive market.


“For traditional aviation companies, the organic melting between aviation technology and brand art is just the bottleneck encountered by brand establishment. Because of this bottleneck, tracing back to the source cannot be released efficiently. In order to break through this bottleneck, IAIO-NARDO integrates all the problems encountered by aviation industry, trying to solve them one by one.”


While speaking on behalf of IAIO-NARDO, Mr. Li Chen also gave an example to substantiate his argument. “Last year, the world-wide popular B-5665 Create dream planes was listed in 2017 National Image Aircraft Painting list. By Jun. 2017, IAIO-NARDO’s schedule for the innovation linking with the melting between this technology and art became almost full. Meanwhile, we are invited to set up partnership with other aviation companies. From this, we can know that IAIO-NARDO has fulfilled the brand demands proposed by consignors, including aircraft construction technology, traditional cultural art, seaworthiness rule assessment (EASA Doa21, CCAR45), establishment of passenger cabin service and brand transmission etc”, he told the press in Frankfurt.


“After such a cross-border melting, the consignors’ brand is able to play an important role in the market. Now, this is called IAIO-NARDO Aviation Craftsman Mode. Obviously, IAIO-NARDO is an aviation technical company showing the public the value of art by technical language. Perhaps, this is the core development of aviation brand”, Mr. Chen signed o