The chain will reshape the big health industry

Wisdom Share Chain is a distributed traceability system based on the underlying technology of the block Chain without the trust block Chain platform.Wisdom Share Chain will solve the problems of big health, smart chip, new energy and other fields that can be solved by blockchain, and will revolutionize the traditional business model of these big industries.


Wisdom Share Chain connects the constituents of the industrial ecological Chain directly with the decentralized structure and realizes the removal of industry media.Under the premise of increasing the industry profit and optimizing the efficiency of the industry, the WSC universal token is used to realize the capital connection of various industries.WSC is based on block chain technology to help large health industry merchants and suppliers, eliminate high inventory pressure, improve the health industry system, and reduce the cost of purchasing funds.For consumers, consumption will become more transparent, personal data will be more confidential, and the emergence of intellectual chain will be a major change in the big health industry.


On April 13, 2018, the “big health block chain industry development collaboration BBS” and the opening ceremony of the new zhongguan incubator were held in Beijing.This BBS has gathered from the government, health, medical service industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing and circulation enterprises, universities and research institutions and block chain technology and so on more than 200 experts and scholars and industry representatives.Everyone gathered around the “healthy China 2030” planning outline, explore big health industry the feasibility of the “+” block chain, industry value and the development direction, to discuss collaboration mechanism, conspiracy to reconstruct industrial ecology, common industry pattern.WSC complies with the trend of The Times and combines the big health industry with the block chain. On the basis of limited resources, the maximum utilization of limited resources is realized through sharing and distribution.


Health industry is really about the national economy and people’s livelihood industry, block chain technology of distributed storage, decentralized characteristics and high safety, can effectively solve the current imbalance of the resources in the health industry development, and information secrecy, big health could become the second largest after financial application block chain application scenario.WSC reconstruction and reconstruction of the large health industry ecology, remanufacturing industry pattern.Block chain technology should be in the service industry in the economy, and the real economy symbiotic co-prosperity, share the experience of consumer and industrial contribution fully reflected, enterprises, consumers and practitioners with intelligent contract has clear, finally let industry chain all parties can get real benefits, embodies the block chain technology represents the characteristics of decentralization and consensus letter.


WISDOM SHARE CHAIN is based on distributed and intelligent contract mode to build a large health industry platform.The data network consensus and untamable characteristics of the data in block chain, to escort the drug traceability and the patient’s personal privacy, and to solve the pain points in the medical industry.Ensure the rapid development of the whole big health industry.Wisdom of chain drug traceability systems and electronic medical records effectively solves the fake medicines and medicines, the patient expired privacy (waiting for the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and patients effectively planning in a system, realize drug roots can be traced, medical electronic stealth, ensure that reduce the time of the operation of the health system related, cost and risk, is a frontier science and technology project reasonably.


Health is the value consensus that all people yearn for, and the whole process of human life is great health.The blockchain is based on the trust link system between people. The core value is freedom and the person is the largest value body.In the block chain + big healthy world, big data will present a new application picture, the value of people will be better discovered, and the sharing will be better.