The Bullish Gold Market Returns-CTI Chain Trade International Ignites the Financial Market


According to official CTI sources, Amandrake Investment will join hands with Motiwala, one of the world’s top five gold merchants, and a well-known professional trading team in Asia to establish a new business segment to deal with gold business operations, and open up new gold trading fund products to promote the market and provide diversified international and domestic financial products.

Amandrake Investment was established in Cyprus (CySEC license number: RAIF40) and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It is mainly engaged in securities fund investment, asset management business and investment in precious metals (gold futures trading).

CTI Chain Trade International to create a gold finance industry chain

To this end, Amandrake Investment established a subsidiary CTI Chain Trade International Group, with gold business development and product trading as its main focus, to promote the global gold finance industry circulation, and help create gold value, in order to achieve a world-class gold industry group with global competitiveness.

The representative of CTI Chain Trade International said that, “Gold’s currency and commodity attributes allows it to possess sufficient security and high circulation. As an internationally recognized insurance and hedging tool, this year’s gold has risen by 8% against the trend and is currently the best performing asset in the financial market. So we have reason to believe that the “golden age” may once again return.

“The gold business sector operated by CTI Chain Trade International includes gold trading, gold mining, gold jewellery, gold physical stores and online gold contract trading. In addition, CTI Chain Trade International also provides diversified businesses such as trading stock index, currency, foreign exchange and bulk commodities. CTI is committed to building a complete chain of the gold finance industry ecosystem.”

Multi-party collaboration to open a new gold trading market

The market is created as time passes, and the environment is the main factor affecting the positive trend for gold. Amandrake Investment and Motiwala have reached a conditional agreement with a well-known professional trading team in Asia to establish a new business segment to deal with the gold business operations and open the market for the promotion of new gold trading fund products and provide diversified international financial products for local and international countries.

Motiwala one of the world’s top five gold merchants is a major supplier in the UAE (Middle East). It has gold refineries, gold processing, jewellery design, gold jewellery supply and retail stores. Its physical businesses include gold jewellery stores and physical gold transactions, Gold and precious metal laboratories, precious gemstone and diamond retail stores as well as foreign exchange dealers. “

The trading team’s person in charge said that, “Motiwala has combined its physical store experience and obtained the patent of the international gold market exchange to create the ultimate closed-loop business model in gold trading. It has also achieved rapid development in a very short time frame. The party’s in-depth cooperation consensus is believed to benefit fund participants as well.”

The gold market is an important part of the international financial market and has always been an indispensable sub-market in the complete financial market system. As a leader in the gold financial industry, CTI Chain Trade International is committed to continuously expanding the development of the gold market. Now, with the strategic cooperation of Motiwala and the trading team, it will open up the gold financial industry chain and broaden the investment and financing channels for investors to enrich the financial market.