The Big Database of the Future-Turing coins

Turing, who has saved at least 16 million lives, or rewritten history, is also known as the “father of artificial intelligence” and “the father of computer science.”

The Turing coin team True Knowledge uses Turing’s concept Turing machine as the computability theory, and provides an intelligent contract block protocol developed for Ture, which can authenticate and manage artificial intelligence with block chain. The data Learning and Application Development Project Ture will provide data and application development platforms for other artificial intelligence technologies, facilitate the integration of block chains with artificial intelligence. And more and more about your smart image.




Data and application development platform for creating block chain artificial intelligence

Ture is also an artificial intelligence technology and a product. Everyone is a point in the Ture block chain. On the big data system, which is formed by the sharing of personal data at each point, a statistical model is used to generate more massive, new simulated data. The results of deep learning can be used in the sub-system of personal data at each point by shifting learning. Through the Ture block chain and intelligence contract, each person has different aspects of data. Personal data for different geographic or cultural groups, for different applications, which have never been linked before. Proje Ct Ture block chain contract protocol authenticates users and ensures the uniqueness, authenticity of their Ture, and verifies the authenticity of data generated and submitted by users or developers.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that attempts to understand the essence of intelligence and produce a new intelligent machine that responds in a similar way to human intelligence. Image recognition, natural language processing and expert systems.

Since the birth of artificial intelligence, the theory and technology are maturing day by day, and the application field is also expanding. It can be imagined that the scientific and technological products brought by artificial intelligence in the future will be the “container” of human wisdom.。

Once artificial intelligence and block-chain technology are combined, it is possible to create a new model in which blockchain technology can achieve almost accessible value exchange, and artificial intelligence has the ability to analyze large amounts of data at high speed.


On the basis of the fast promotion of computing resources and data resources in the foundation layer to a new level, artificial intelligence has completed the process of leapfrogging from low-order computational intelligence to perceptual intelligence. At present, some technologies, such as sound and image, tend to be mature and have the foundation of large-scale application.