The 2nd Music Creates Future International Youth Talent Plan finishes at NEC


Boston, — On July 24th, 2019, the 2nd Music Creates Future International Youth Talent Plan wrapped up at the New England Conservatory of Music (NEC).  Students from Beijing National Day School, Tsinghua Affiliated Middle School, High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China and Beijing Yuying School all participated in the international competition, and the next day, July 25,  the program  put on  a grand award ceremony and concert featuring  all the contestants.

This event was directed by the Beijing International Education Exchange Center, sponsored by the International Cultural Education Promotion Association and China Record Group Co., Ltd., and was hosted by the New England Conservatory of Music Prep School, East Coast Culture Exchange Center, Tsinghua University High School (THIS) and Lemine International Education. This large-scale international youth music talent training program also has support from the  New England Conservatory of Music, the  Boston Symphony Orchestra, Berklee College of Music, China National Radio, Tencent Music Entertainment, and Taihe Music Group.

Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory of Music

After nearly a year of planning and preparation by the organizing committee, the final selection for the 2nd   Music Creates Future International Youth Talent Plan was held at the New England Conservatory of Music. Contestants from China and the United States performed, in a  competition based not only on musical ability and technique, but also public speaking  as well as  creativity and composition, providing a  comprehensive view of  contestants’  abilities. The participants included winners from the preliminary rounds held in China, who came from nearly 1,000 middle schools.  In the end, several dozen middle school students were awarded the chance to participate in the activities in the United States. After a strong set of performances, Wang Zixuan of Beijing Academy, Shen Yihan of Affiliated High School of SCNU, Zong Tianqi of Beijing Eighth Middle School Fan Ruotong of Beijing National Day School, Yang Nuoyan of Beijing Yuying School and Alicia and Adalia Wen from the United States were awarded the first prize for their outstanding perfomances.

Before the final selection, the students had lessons and workshops with  a group of world-class master musicians. The lineup included Brad Hatfield, an Emmy Award winner and composer of music for Friends and Iron Man; Mike Block, Grammy Award winner;  Gregory Newton, Principal Bassoon for the  Boston Philharmonic; Cristi Catt and Eric Cice, professors at  New England Conservatory; Robert Lyons, lecturer in Northeastern University’s Music Industry Program; Nick Gleason, associate admissions officer at New England Conservatory of Music;  and Daniel Abussi  Associate Director of Admission at Berkeley College of Music, among  other top experts.

Mike Block (Grammy Award winner) with cello students

Music Creates Future International Youth Talent Plan is devoted to discovering young musical talents with a broad range of abilities, in order to create future leaders who have deep musical skills, a breadth of knowledge and an international vision.  The plan uses lectures, musical theatre workshops, courses in composition and music creativity to help players improve themselves. Now in its second year, Music Creates Future International Youth Talent Plan has received strong support from both domestic and foreign organizations, including the New England Conservatory of Music, ranked the eighth best conservatory in the world; Boston Symphony Orchestra, one of the ten most famous orchestras in the world, Tencent Music Entertainment, leader of China’s online music market, and Taihe Music Group, one of the largest and most successful record labels in China. All are supporters and strategic partners of Music Creates Future International Youth Talent Plan. All are supporters and strategic partners of Music

Creates Future International Youth Talent Plan.

Judges for the competition included professor Mike Block, Grammy Award winning cellist; Don Gorder, trumpeter, founder and Chair of the Music Business department of Berkeley College of Music; Cameron Stowe, pianist, professor at the Julliard School and Chair  of  the Collaborative Piano department at New England Conservatory of Music; Weng Hui, Guzheng virtuoso and professor at New England Conservatory; and Anthony De Ritis, composer, music technology expert and professor at Northeastern University’s Department of Music.

On the evening of July 25th,  Jordan Hall at  the New England Conservatory of Music hosted the grand concert and awards gala. To begin, students of Beijing Yuying School conducted by Mr. Li Xuan performed four Chinese works. Next,  Mr. Jia Zhenyu directed the students of Beijing National Day School in a piece that featured cellist Mike Block.

The concert also featured  the premiere of Magic Slipper, a musical inspired by a traditional Tang Dynasty fairy tale, directed by Cristi Catt. The blend of Chinese traditional culture with Western musical style made for a musical and visual feast, while  symbolizing the cultural exchange between China and Western countries.

Students of Beijing Yuying School performing four Chinese compositions, directed by Mr. Li Xuan.

Students performing the musical Magic Slipper

The students of Beijing Eleventh School and Mike Block perform together, under the direction of Mr. Jia Zhenyu.

All the contestants now have countless wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.   The 2nd Music Creates Future International Youth Talent Plan advanced its mission to support musically gifted students and further their growth from teenagers to future leaders. 

Music Create Future successfully promotes exchange among the world’s youth in the field of art and culture, broadening their musical horizons and raising them to a higher level of musical development.