The 2019 Global Digital Economy Innovation Conference was successfully held


The 2019 Global Digital Economy Innovation Conference was successfully held on the 1st July at the St. Regis Hotel in Shenzhen, China. The conference was hosted by the Global Digital eXchange Alliance (GDX Alliance), co-hosted by the World Free Trade Zone Federation, SATO Group, co-organized by KIROBO, WBO (World Blockchain Organization), SpringWind Community, Golden World, and special supported by Freeport Area Of Bataan, Huitong System, Dingfeng, Qicai Capital, Swiss Stock Exchange, Global Digital Currency Trading Company, EQI Bank, Liantong Exchange, MOONX.

With the theme of “Trade and Security in the Blockchain Era”, the conference invited experts in law, security, technology, and economics from all around the world to discuss the current challenges of cryptoexchanges and share the view of transaction security of the future digital currencies, with focuses on how to realize the transformation of digital assets into the future economy through technical measures.

At the beginning of the conference, Yehoshua Westover, the General Secretary of the World Free Trade Zone Federation and the president of the GDX Alliance, gave an opening speech. In his speech, Westover mentioned that the purpose of GDX Alliance was to create an open and free resource sharing platform. It also emphasized that in the context of globalization and the open policy of free trade zones, which GDX Alliance will closely follow. He said that the establishment of the GDX Alliance is a further development of the Free Trade Zone Federation’s resource sharing platform, accelerating the coordination of the member communities, and is an important step in the free trade zone’s ecological development blueprint. It is also a important step in the networked operation of the free trade zones.

Edward Jacobson, the operative director of GDX Alliance, expressed his warm welcome to all the guests and presented the current development of the GDX Alliance and added some views to Secretary Westover’s speech. When talking about e-commerce is revolutionizing the entire retail industry, he thought that the Internet did not eliminate traditional industries. Edward believes that digital currency is gradually changing people’s lifestyles, but the highly secured cryptocurrency will not cause banks and fiat currencies to disappear, but will merge the two to create a new financial system. When Edward mentioned the future of the GDX Alliance, he said to the guests that the GDX Alliance will soon launch its own multi-linguistic official website, which will serve the alliance members better. His speech attracted a lot of applause from the audience.

After two rounds of speech, the official establishment of the GDX Alliance was announced through a high tech launching ceremony.

At the subsequent signing and awarding ceremony, Yehoshua Westover, the General Secretary of the World Free Trade Zone Federation, awarded the title of“the Global Director Unit of World Free Trade Zone Federation”to William Sun, the vice president of GDX Alliance.

In the speech of William Sun, he made an introduction of GDX Alliance and its future plans. The significance of GDX Alliance is to solve the security and technical problems of digital assets. He pointed out that the common problems in the current cryptoexchanges are: large competition, large transaction volume caused technical bugs, lack of blockchain talents and insufficient promotion, and the establishment of the GDX Alliance is to solve these pain points. The GDX Alliance uses membership-based joining method, enabling all exchanges to work together to create an organization that shares resources and could make both the government and society satisfied.

Another important guest attended the event was Admiral Amado Sanglay from the Philippines. He spoke on the behalf of GICC, which is a subsidiary of the Freeport Area of Bataan(FAB), and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the GDX Alliance to issue digital asset trading licenses in the FAB, and will be the first company to receive this license. Admiral Sanglay said in his speech that the digital globalization has great development significance. FAB has a carefully selected elite team of engineers, together with the GDX Alliance, which is a win-win and resource sharing cooperation, will jointly make the Bataan area to Asia’s first blockchain smart city and the global blockchain nerve center.

Subsequently, Golden World, KIROBO, and Bahrain Right Banner Enze Agriculture Forestry Technology Company signed a strategic cooperation contract with the vice president of GDX Alliance.

Trevor Wesley, the CEO of Golden World gold assets platform, introduced the founding purpose of the gold asset platform. He mentioned that the Golden World gold asset platform uses the DPOS consensus mechanism to ensure transaction security, while Golden World is also stable because it is built on a gold public chain ecosystem. Technically, Golden World can trade at 100-1000 pens per second, making transactions fast. Wesley also said that the GDX Alliance members will be provided with services such as gold onchain and open source, providing investors with more options for asset allocation.

KIROBO Chain Security is the top 50 innovative company in Israel. The CEO of KIROBO Asaf Naim said that in the context of the repeated threats to digital asset security, KIROBO combines the advantages of bank custodian and blockchain systems to provide customers with full control of their own. The low-cost, untamperable decentralized ledger using blockchain technology provides users with a convenient and secure experience.

Wang Yanbin, the chairman of the Enze Agriculture and Forestry Technology of Bahrain Right Banner, proposed that“nature is the true treasure”, using new technologies to promote desertification prevention, which can prevent the development of new technologies, “integrating resources and wisdom”etc. After becoming the strategic partner of GDX Alliance, it will recreate a dual ecology of finance and environmental protection.

The panel session of the conference has the theme of “The Future Trend of Cryptoexchanges”, and invited the operative director of GDX Alliance Edward Jacobson as the host of the panel, Fred Egbuedike, the information security advisor of GDX Alliance, Matt De Souza, the Liquid Asset advisor of GDX Alliance, Stephen Browne, the market advisor of GDX Alliance , Joshua Galloway, public relations advisor of GDX Alliance, Chris Holland, legal advisor of GDX Alliance, and 6X CEO Vanessa Koh as guests of the panel.

At the panel, Edward Jacobson put forward the idea of “blockchain technology combined with traditional industries” and “hope that the enterprise and e-commerce platform adopt blockchain technology to bring digital currency seamlessly to the front line of the retail industry”. Indicates that the GDX Alliance will provide alliance members with the benefits of resource sharing. Fred Egbuedike said that the security of the cryptocurrency platforms has a lot of room for improvement, and the human error of the DPOS mechanism is proposed. GDX Alliance will formulate guidelines to solve problems to increase investor confidence and currency liquidity. The exciting discussion of the experts focused on the development and future of the GDX Alliance, presenting the audience with a perfect blueprint for the development of GDX Alliance.

The successful launch of the 2019 Global Digital Economy Innovation Conference is not only the first glance of the GDX Alliance, but also a strong combination of GDX Alliance with many partners. In the future, GDX Alliance will work together with hundreds of crytoexchanges to create a platform for value exchange and complementary resources between people, and between exchanges, and jointly create a new glory in the blockchain era!