THCC Will Create A Cloud Smart City


In ancient times, the discovery and utilization of fire made mankind say good-bye to the life of a savage, and began a long era of firewood as the main energy.
The first industrial revolution, which broke out in eighteenth century, opened the era of replacing manual labor with machines, and it is also a profound social transformation and restructuring of economic form.
Human society has developed from the steam age, the electrical age, traditional Internet era to the blockchain new Internet era, and energy production will be developed and updated in the different phases of science and technology. which drive the rapid development of human society’s economy.

The development of science and technology is closely integrated with the iteration and production of new energy.
THCC is a distributed bookkeeping and application expansion system that integrates traceability system of high-tech achievements in various fields with new energy financial ecology.
As operation body, THCC is jointly sponsored by the International Space Development Planning Bureau, the International Scientific Research Organization, and the Human Biological Gene Association.
THCC can solve the problems of high technology and Internet technology R&D, patent sharing, patent conversion, technology commercialization, technology service and all kinds of technology patents in full docking and application, and can solve the problems of energy production, energy transportation, energy consumption, energy storage and capital financing, which are involved in the development and innovation of the traditional operation system of the energy industry to the modern one.

The main application scenarios of THCC will cover the application of scientific research achievements and cloud digital trading, scientific research and energy supply chain finance, and the delivery and settlement of the cloud power grid.
THCC will create a cloud smart city!
To be the wings of human development!