Technology won’t work on my turf!


Power is the greatest stimulant, the best aphrodisiac, and a poison. The introduction of prescriptions, such as beauty and money, will lead to the brains of those in power; If those in power have political ambitions, it can cause cerebral palsy. This sentence in the mayor of chengdu keung law and Pi area district party committee secretary although dong-sheng Yang’s body!

666 OuJinLiang road to Pi reigns for villa cinnamon court violent evictions, keung law and dong-sheng Yang many behavior embodies the the party central committee and against xi general secretary, called on the “science and technology and rejuvenating the country” contempt!

On September 4, 2009, zhou yiping, director of the United Nations bureau for south-south cooperation, signed the certificate

1994 mianyang municipal government ;2000 sichuan provincial government


(completed in 28 hours)

In order to beat a nanny used more than 500 people

The government is the maker and implementor of order, the judge, magistrate and instructor, not the law blind. The central government has repeatedly stressed that officials should be the masters of the people, be good public servants of the people, and serve the people wholeheartedly. Why did he become an abuser in front of the common people? Government law enforcement should represent the height of government governance and human nature, but also should have civilized moral level and humanitarian level!

Demolition that day, Yang dongsheng received the demolition site responsible person’s telephone: “feed! A: hello! Secretary Yang, the science and technology personnel of star river company have been knocked to the ground, what should be done?” Yang secretary immediately instructions: “carry people to the police station to continue to play!” Finally, causes the inventor zhou xinghe’s domestic nurse zhang zhixiang to be hit the disability, loses the labor ability!

” China has the power to crack down on 10 scientific researchers and 1 nanny department of star river company with 500 people, this is to scare the United States, but also for the glory of the country ah… “

Reporters were invited to attend the celebration, dong-sheng Yang said: “before the demolition keung law the mayor also ask for instructions of the provincial party committee multiple main leadership, in the process of the entire demolition, thanks to judicial organs, the armed police, civilian police, special police, hospital, demolition companies and so on ten departments to participate in and assist, our each and every comrade, present are working! But ordinary people, as well as retired workers, who were standing nearby, objected that it should not be demolished.

What’s more, 10 scientific researchers from the star river company said that their scientific achievements should not be dismantled. These people were arrested by our public security organs that day, especially the nanny zhang zhixiang simply rushed to the science and technology building, do not let us dismantle. I Yang dongsheng make a decision decisively, pull her to the police station, the police break her two hamstring and break kneecap, so far cripple… “

Yang dongsheng went on to say at the celebration meeting, “you know zhou xinhe’s subversive construction technology, which can build a bridge in 45 minutes and a villa of 300 square meters in 3 days. We have forced the demolition of no. 12 villa guixiangting, rough house also only used 28 hours.

Leaders, comrades, you think, if this technology is widely promoted, how many cement, steel, building materials industry will lead to bankruptcy, and will lead to the world how many people out of work ah? That’s why we have to do it… “

The reporter asked Yang dongsheng on the spot said: “when watt invented the steam engine, a train, a ship can be hundreds of thousands of people shouldering; It used to take hours to send, receive and translate a newspaper. Now WeChat takes seconds. Don’t we have nothing to do now? Science and technology will only bring rapid development and everyone will benefit!”

Yang dongsheng continued: “zhou xinghe’s technological invention will cause many people to lose their jobs, or cause social unrest. His invention is more terrible than black weapons. ”  

From 2000 to 2003, sichuan xinghe building materials co., ltd. built 1,073 prefabricated houses in the center of the “May 12” earthquake. After the “May 12” earthquake, none of the houses collapsed and there were no casualties. Above is “danhui villa”, the most representative!

According to informed sources, “danhui villa” is zhou yongkang, li chuncheng directed the appraisal department identified as dangerous housing, appraisal report no. : JD/X/2003-201, the reason is not resistant to the magnitude 6 earthquake.

However, “5.12” wenchuan earthquake, is 8 earthquake!

Baidu search: earthquake basic knowledge tells us that if the earthquake level is two, the energy will be 1000 times different. Strange is, the authority identified the dangerous house “danhui villa” when the earthquake standing; And the authoritative department appraisal “the danhui mountain villa” the so-called qualified house around 90% actually collapses!

Because had this appraisal report, first instance, second instance, retrial all judge star river company loses lawsuit, time is as long as 12 years.

In 2010, according to people familiar with the situation, the residual poison of zhou yongkang and li chuncheng was still fermented. The same authoritative department identified the “xuantuitou farm” built by xinhe company as a dangerous house, and the appraisal report number was SIBR/R/ f2010-157, because it could not bear the weight. After sampling and testing by the same authority, the load exceeds the national standard 22.5 times. After eight years of litigation, star lost. Excuse me, the person’s life, can have how many more than 20 years?

The building area of “xuan rabbit head farm” is about 650 square meters. The company collected 59,000 yuan of materials. The owner bought an appraisal report and sued xinghe company in court for 840,000 yuan of compensation.

The invention of this technology can reduce the total cost of the project by about 50% by repairing houses and building Bridges.

Baidu search: academician scientific research funding “keeping mistress” Chinese academic circles fall into the entertainment industry

Since July 9, a post titled “duan zhenhao, an academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, keeps mistresses, mistresses, mistresses and illegitimate children” has gone viral online, with more than 650,000 hits on tianya.bbs. The country has invested hundreds of billions of yuan in scientific research, more than 60 percent of which is used for tourism, gifts, luxury goods and mistresses.

According to the poster “hair wife” description, “quasi-academician” duan zhenhao keep er nai raise illegitimate daughter, was discovered by his wife, falsely claimed to be “sperm donation.” His wife of 24 years worked hard in the United States with their son, but he gave several lovers a suite in Beijing, and embezzled national scientific research funds…

With nearly 30 years of time, zhou xinghe invented dozens of national patents, without any money from the state, and spent more than 10 hours a day on research and development.

On May 5, 1998, zhu rongji, then premier of the state council, went to sichuan to inspect the work. Because the farmers burned straw and the plane could not land, the major scientific and technological project of sichuan province was invited to the public bidding. Zhou xinghe won the patent project with the highest score. At the time, premier zhu rongji said, “the state council will award 10 million yuan to the person who solves the straw problem. But zhou xinghe has not received a penny so far!

The Australian reporter interviewed zhou xinghe, an Oriental wonder man, and wrote at the beginning: the world should have such an invention… Using only one plant fiber product can repair houses and build Bridges…

Xinghe technology is used to repair houses and build Bridges. Straw, waste wood and other plant fibers are used, accounting for about 90% of the volume of houses and Bridges. If this invention technology can be vigorously promoted, the world’s straw and plant fiber materials are not enough!

Since the bidding of straw project and the winning bid of zhou xinghe in 1998, 21 years have passed. How about the current situation? As China stifles and suppresses scientific and technological inventions, will the problem of straw burning be solved in another two thousand years? Can the problem of straw burning be solved in another two thousand years?

The CPC central committee and general secretary xi jinping called on the public to start business, innovation, science and technology to rejuvenate the country, but the mayor of chengdu luo qiang instructed: zhou xinghe invented subversive construction technology, the city will not promote, the people reflect guixiangting no. 12 so-called scientific and technological achievements display room, must be forced to dismantle. Chengdu Pi forced demolition area district party committee secretary dong-sheng Yang incredibly use 500 people show room of scientific and technological achievements, and residual nanny, everywhere, and all the way will be the central policy as a triumph.