Take the Blockchain Train to the Free Three-dimensional Space


Since the prevalence of the Internet, people’s asset trading behavior has changed dramatically, and the financial models have been developed, which has promoted the global economy extremely quickly.

But the Internet bus eventually slowed down. Financial activities have certain particularity because they involve sensitive areas such as capital and privacy. Many problems need to be solved urgently, including network security, credit information, information circulation, value transmission, etc. However, 3 Degrees (Three dimensional space) came forward to bring a financial system with a brand new concept when we are in trouble!

All obstacles to the development of human society are fundamentally caused by “mutual distrust”. Because in the society full of suspicion, people would guess each other, disagree with each other, and even feel insecure. At this time, the operating efficiency of society would be very low, which had also led to various economic and financial crises.

3 Degrees builds a new decentralized trading system based on the block chain, which is in order to create the next generation of digital transaction ecology. Its ecological closed loop is perfect, and the operation also has diversified characteristics. In addition, it has excellent top-level design planning, superior and efficient performance support and muti-level system security protection. In principle, a “private Internet” that is secure, ulterior and open to all people has been built on distributed nodes.

3 Degrees ecology enables riskless transactions between users without trust. It can record every user’s immutable information or transaction records, which including personal information, business contracts, warehouse receipts, property rights, events, etc., to form their credit. Users can use block chain to prove their credit without relying on third-party vendors. Creditworthy individuals and businesses will be easier to obtain low-cost financing and other social-economic resources.

 there are many unstable factors in the current environment, keeping investors away. The traditional asset trading is becoming more and more centralized, and various malpractices and trust crises are emerging one after another. Society lacks an open industrial ecology, so it is imperative to create an open, transparent and decentralized circulation system. Now, 3 Degrees will be an opportunity not to be missed by a steady value investor.

In the future, 3 Degrees trading platform’s business mall, entertainment, social e-commerce and other applications of  will be built together with the platform participants, which will promote it to become a sharing win-win and mutually beneficial new digital assert trading platform.